UCLA 3S/CVS2 BATTLE 1.0 - Los Angeles, CA - 8/30/08

Tournament has been moved to FFA due to construction in the building. 7pm sign ups, 8PM start time.

Street Fighter 3: Third Strike

Saturday August 30th, 2008
7PM sign ups
8PM starttime

SF3: Third Strike

Double Elimination Tournament
2 out of 3, Double Elimination
3 out of 5 for Winner’s, Loser’s, and Grand Finals


Entry Fee: $ 2
Winner takes all
Bracket if enough people, otherwise Round Robin.

  • If Bracket: Double Elim, 2/3 winners, 1 game losers. 3/5 grand finals.
  • If Round Robin: 2/3

$5 Entry fee for pot
Pot will be split 70/20/10

Help: Could I get anyone that can record the matches ?

This tourney is to bring together the 3s community here on the westside and also to resurrect the UCLA 3s scene. Its a great opportunity for 3s enthusiasts to get together and have a good time.

There is street parking along the streets: Gayley, Kelton, Midvale, Landfair and Veteran directly west of campus. It is about a 10 min walk to the arcade. Some streets are all day, and some are 2hour parking. Parking on campus is available but is $9 so its a good idea for car pooling. Park in PARKING LOT 6.

[COLOR=yellow]SIGN UPS- 3PM on day of tournament[/COLOR]

*****Since the arcade closes at 9PM, the tourney start time has been moved up to 4PM to allow ample amount of time. DOES THIS WORK FOR EVERYONE?

**1 Gamegenyee- CHUN

god kenny you are so hot

if sanchez goes i’ll go


Are we forced to play ONE character?

#3 J.R. RODRIGUEZ ( AKUMA ):amazed::amazed::amazed:

Kind of want to go…but don’t really feel like driving. Bleh. Anyone want to pick me up? :smiley:

You have the option to switch characters during a set if you lose.

Ken beats Ryu in game one of the set. Ryu has the option to remain Ryu or use another character in game two of the best of 3 set. This applies to all prelims and finals.

also, lets say you got through the first round with Ryu, you can choose which character to use to face your next opponent.

I should be able to go.

#4 - myname - random

I should be able to pick up people if you really live in the Southbay. So anyone along the way is cool or close enough to my house. I live by the beach cities so you know.

How many different games are UCLA arcade now? Last time I was there, it moved to this small area with pool tables, and there were only 8-10 machines total

Mostly the same amount. 3s, cvs2, most flavors of marvel, kof11, MBAC, uhh…DDR, some other nonsense.


Great idea GameGenyee1…

I’ll go. #5.

Formally, yes I should be there.

Also, is anyone down for a “3s players who think they can play cvs2” round robin cvs2 tourney (or not round robin if enough people want to play)?

COUNT ME IN FOR CVS 2…:woot::woot:

I’m a 3S player who can TOTALLY play CVS2…



Not 2 sure if I can go now. Take my name off the list please until I can confirm again.

Updated 8/18/08

1- Gamegenyee- Chun
2- Sanchez- Random
3-JR- Akuma
4-Aiy1tm- Ken
5-Pherai- Akuma

For people that want to join the tournament, post on this thread w/ your entrant number, handle and character by weds 8/27.

p.s. Brackets will be drawn randomly on the day of tournament.

I’ll go if this happens.

Consider cvs2 tentatively on. Train up that P groove my 3s homies

Put me down for 3S (TheMuffinMan - Ken) and CvS2 if it happens.