UCLA 5/17 MvC2 Team Tournament Results

  1. Team Soo/David
    SooMighty - Sent/Storm/CapCom, Mag/Cable/Cyc
    David Lee - Storm/Sent/Cable

  2. Team Potter/Tong
    Potts - Mag/Cable/Tron, Sent/Storm/CapCom
    Ghengis - Sent/Cable/CapCom

  3. Team Saif/Ed
    Saif - MSP, Mag/Sent/IM
    Ed - Mag/Storm/Cyc, Mag/Cable/Rogue

  4. Team Junior/Ken
    Junior - Sent/Storm/Cyc
    Ken I - Storm/Sent/Capcom

I’ll post the rest of the results later. There were 6 teams in total. Each team with 2 players.

Good job Potter!

how was the tournout for the whole tourney in general?

1st - Tong
2ng - Soo
for mvc2

and for ggxx
1s and 2nd
-ID and Cblue
3rd was tong

small ass tourney, not as many people as expected

Say soo what happen to MSP, Don’t tell me u turn to another Storm/Sentinel/AAA player. :frowning:


3rd was actually Me/Edma

People hate and think I suck when I AM using MSP, and now that I am not, people wonder why I am not using it? Now that right there, is logic at it’s best kids.

If I may interject. . .

It’s because the complaints about when you do use MSP are rarely heard on forums. So when they see that you aren’t using it, it’s suprising to them.

I say let anyone use whoever they want to use…a good player should feel comfortable with their team