UCLA Complete Results 4/15 and 4/22

CvS 2 Tournament 4/15/03

1st Ronnie Cheng (R|C)
2nd Ernest Huang (Yumi Saotome)
3rd Daryl Quan (Shaolin)
4th Fortino Montes (Forti)
5th Cesar Vargas (GeeseHoward) Chris Lopez (R2 Desayuno)
7th Darryl Austin (Master Yen) Reza Okhovat (Reza-O)
9th William Garcia Roberto Velazquez (Muzikal)
Kenny Guerra (kennywood) Sean Casey (Seamus)
13th JC Melgar (J-Peso) Chris Horii (Korium)

Guilty Gear XX Tournament 4/22/03

1st Romel Shaheed (Chaotic Blue)
2nd Saif Ibrahim (ID)
3rd Jesse Avilar (Guanaco)
4th Ernest Huang (Yumi Saotome)
5th Edward Melgar (DASH) Jose Lico (V Ism Potemkin)
7th William Garcia Oswaldo Rios (Def)
9th Vinnie Sharzard John O’Brien Issei Shimizu
Alex Asian (Makaze)
13th Gregory Shin

MvC 2 Tournament 4/22/03

1st David Lee (DavidL)
2nd Alfred Moriaga
3rd Romel Shaheed (Chaotic Blue)
4th Craig Pollack
5th Kevin Seeto (CableHViperB44) Oswaldo Rios (Def)
7th Ernest Huang (Yumi Saotome) Edward Melgar (Dash)

sup daryl. no apex points for any of these?

apex points will be submitted by SiN. everyone’s patience is appreciated

that’s not my tourney handle, just my srk name, so plz dont enter it under cablehviperb44

what’s your tourney handle then? most people use srk name as tourney handle

i don’t have a tourney handle… just go by my name. I was thinking of using names like… entropy or super ultimate megadeath smash, but i decided not to.