UCLA mvc2 4-22-03 results


1st. David Lee 'storm/sent/cable/mag/doom’
2nd. alfred m ‘storm-sent-cammy’ 'mag-cable-sent(drone)
3rd-8th- ???

TOUGH TOURNEY. Highlights first Grand finals AlfredM kills off davidl’s mag/cable, then davidLs sent comes in and beats his mag/cable/sent (cable+sent at 100%). thats about it, tourney took too long cuz only 1 machine. 4-1 finals.


nice shit! good job david.

approx. how many people entered the tourney?


lol it wasnt really a tourney. me and alfred play against each few times a week. umm 8 ppl entered… lol. i remember chaotic blue/dash/ID entering also. fun tourney i wished more ppl came. also there was a GGXX tourney and i THINK ID won.


I just got all the brackets and info and will post the full results of the tournament for everyone to read. apologies for the delay


so are there bi-weekly tourneys for marvel as well now? when’s the next tourney?