UCLA MVC2 4/5 Results


1st. Junior B - storm sent cable-cyke, sent,cable,commando
2nd. David Lee mag/im/sent mag/cable/cyke-doom, storm/sent/cable
3rd. Ghengis sent/cable/capcom
4th. Shadyk various sent/mag/capcom
tied5th. Duc ‘Ducvader’ Do Spiral/sent/cable,sent/cable/cyke
tied5th. Harry potter - random magneto teams.
Great tourney. DavidL played Top Az player and lost badly. Then played viscant,duc,julius,shady,ghengis to play against Junior B, Junior B beat shadyk. Ghengis and Junior B Winner’s finals, junior b won 3-2, David L beat shadyk 2-1 and beat ghengis 3-2 in losers finals. Finals DavidL wins one set 4-1, 2nd set Junior B wins 4-2. Viscant Lost to Duc first round and DavidL 2nd round. hehe


whoa… result is really impress me… go az players… btw, how many peeps entering this tourney…??



A correction to the results. Junior beat Shady, not Sin. Sin and Junior didn’t play.

Pretty good tourney overall. A turnout of 37 players. And once again, gg’s to Jamnis and MAG.


wow 37? i’m surprised that it didn’t surpass the 45 mark.

Junior B is from AZ?

good job fellas! where was SOoMighty or Potter? :confused:


junior b is in cali. potter lost. soos in vegas


i peaced out sin nikka
and i’m still mad shady


Potter and Duc took 5th.


Junior B is this mexican guy right? (sorry if that offended you) and he uses some kind of risk band?


the turnout was actually 39 people. Although the turnout was not as high as expected the quality of the matches and players were top notch. Thank you to everyone that showed up including Az. And thanks to everyone for a great tournament.



I was getting mopped up in 3s nearby. GG to all playing third. What was everyone oo-ing and ahhh-ing over when that guy was playing Thanos? I was too busy getting owned by Sneddon.



junior is actually cuban (don’t know if that makes a difference)


props to my AZ crew. see you guys soon.


big ups to az nukkas i suck :slight_smile:


Would have happen to been the guy wearing the kangol. I didn’t get a chance to play you cuz that Alex player kept fucking everyone up.


AZ is dope

Potter is going through puberty faster than DavidL

I need to carry a barf bag around bill because his ugliness is too powerful

White power is the best driver ever

and fuck ucla sticks. =D and the entry fee was too high, for the record.


Thanks to everyone who is giving AZ some rec. And I wanna thank Sin the most for holding the tourney… Nice meeting all you people also… Wish I could have gotten more names to faces though… if you all want to know who I am I was the big white guy in all black with the camera…:smiley: Hope we can make it there for another tourney some time… But for now… i think we all will be practing… we are like super sayians… once we get beat we only get stronger… lol… lates.


sup everyone charlie goblyn here…

tight ass tournie overall… dope people and dope shit…

met alot of people today… kewlness…

tired from the trip so me go sleepy bye bye now…


p.s. we will be there for the next tournie =]


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

and your avatar is too :lol:


is junior b “aero”?


Junior B.= Manuel Jr. Bermudez “AERO” and im Cuban, not Mexican.GG’s to Shady,Potter,Ghenghis and exspecially David Lee(Those Finals were really fun). Great job on the tourny Sin keep them coming.
To Ghenghis: No hard feeling’s bro. on that little drama, all tho I find it kinda funny that after playing the game for about 3 years you still don’t know the rules, o well is there every a tourny without drama.Anyways, GG’s Tong they were really fun:D .No hard Feeling’s.:slight_smile:
P.S. David L. your team is way to good.:evil: