UCLA results 3/4


It’s sad when more people play SSV than CvS2 or 3S.


  1. Ronnie Cheng " R|C" (P-CBS, A Sak, Sagat, Cammy)
  2. Ernest Huang “Yumi_Saotome” (C- Bison/Guile Chun Sak)
  3. Darryl Austin “TheMuffinMan” (some K and A team)
  4. Warren
  5. William
  6. Niles


  1. Antonio
  2. Mike Z
  3. Niles
  4. William
  5. Darryl
  6. Ernest

Samurai Showdown V (AKA scrubfest 2000)

  1. Ernest Huang (Shizumaru, Charlotte)
  2. Warren (Hanzo)
  3. Mike Z (Gaira)
  4. Darryl Austin (Mina, Yoshitora)
  5. Andrew (Kazuki)
  6. Jon (Yoshitora)
  7. Tim (Yoshitora)
  8. Alex (Haohamaru)
  9. William (Nakoruru)
  10. Michael Cheung (Hanzo)

If people wanna fill me in with more details, go right ahead and post. Someone with APEX index put this up, because I don’t have it.

This is the first tourney that I ever ran…that’s why it was ghettoish :-P.

SSV is dope :slight_smile: Screw Yoshiwhora.


Great Tourney!
I vote SSV in Apex:D

Btw, how in the hell did I get 4th in Samurai Showdown?
I only beat one person…


Gaira forever. Turns out by the end I’d actually figured out all his moves according to the FAQ I looked at just now. He really is useless. :^)

Mike Z


Congrats on beating the Marvel turnout of 3 people :frowning:




Good stuff… Maybe I can go with you. =)


Marvel is supposed to be this week… although I’m not gonna waste shaolin’s time again if nobody is gonna even say they’re coming for sure.


so no tourney this thursday?


I’ll be there for GGXX and maybe MvC2…and some people wanted to throw a ST or A3 tourney. Well, we’ll see. Cable, you may wanna announce it.


What time does the tourney start/end?

Maybe you should start them early so ppl like me can go. =\


Like I said before, I really don’t want to waste Shaolin’s or my time anymore.

I’ll make a thread, and if enough people respond then I’ll leave it up to Shaolin’s discretion to run things or not.


I’ll run A3 if people will play:D