UCLA Summer Ranbats! - (Los Angeles, CA) - Sep. 9th 2010

UCLA Summer Ranbats!!! - @ Game On! in Ackerman Student Union

Next Event: Sep. 9th 2010

UCLA Crew is proud to announce the beginning of biweekly SSF4 Ranbats, located at UCLA's very own "Game On!" gaming lounge, second floor of Ackerman Student Union (across the hall from Taco Bell).

The third event will be held on Thursday, Sep. 9th starting at 6:00pm. Registration starts now and ends at 5:45pm on the 25th. All participants must register in person at "Game on!" There is no late registration.


$5 venue fee
$5 entry fee- going towards the prize pool

Payouts to the top 3 finishers. As of right now, Game On! is writing checks. We are actively working to convince them to pay out in cash.

1st Place: 60% of the prize pool

2nd Place: 25% of the prize pool

3rd Place: 15% of the prize Pool

The payout structure is subject to change based on the discretion of the “Game On!” staff and the number of participants.

All tournaments will be played on XBox360 (BYOC) with Evo style match rules

UCLA students who register with valid UCLA Bruin Cards will receive a $2 discount on the venue fee!

Some other details:

You can google UCLA ackerman to find the location via google maps.


Parking is not an easy task around UCLA if you don’t want to pay! You can choose to pay I think around 10 bucks to park in Parking Area 6, which is right next door to Ackerman and the most convenient place to park. Otherwise, you can pay a few bucks less to park down in Westwood village and grab some food on the way to campus. The walk is about 15-20mins from Westwood village. If you want to park for free, your best bet is somewhere down on Veteran Ave. next to the cemetery, but the walk will be from 30-40 mins to ackerman. Honestly, I would say the best thing to do is just to roll through with 3 or 4 people and split the cost of parking in Area 6. Hope this is helpful!

I’m in for as many as I can :smiley:

THIS IS GREAT !!! I’m down !!! As for parking instructions I can give further details on where and how people can park if you send me a PM. Great Job Kong sick shit.


Awesome. You should put it up on the tournament calendar on the first page if its not up already.
And expect me to be there on the 30th and go 0-2

this better not payout in vouchers again Kong. real talk im not feeling like buying you guys lunch with my prize money again lol…
welll then again…maybe. haha

yeah i’m currently waiting for moderator approval or something like that before it shows up

haha no worries. if you win you’ll be paid in cash. they’re still trying to decide the percentage breakdowns for the payouts.

alright! ima play seriously in this here sucka! ive got too many nemesiisisisis i gotta show whats up to (Paolo and recently acquired nemesis: Kong)!

I’m in!

I guess replying to this thread’s the cool thing to do now.

yes sam, you are very cool indeed hahahah

I am there! I have to register in person on campus at GameOn… sometime before next Weds? The day of gonna be OK?

hey mike! the day of will be fine, as long as you get there before 5:45pm

why dont you just make it 70/20/10?

so Game On decided that the payout structure right now is 50/30/20. I know this is more even than your typical tournament, but it’ll encourage people to fight for those 2nd and 3rd places, which will matter at the end of the season. This is subject to change though! if there’s way more people than Game On expects, they might make it so that 1st place gets a higher percentage.

fuck! all these days are either on wednesday or monday! i cant make neither of those… gg.

It’s going to be so crowded.

hype hype hype hype hype.

I’m down :). Do I have to be a certain age to register at Game On?

you can be any age to register, as long as you’re old enough… to party hahaha DonoisMcLovin