UCLA tourney updates as they come in


UCLA Results


1st. Justin Wong
2nd. David Lee
3rd. Kuan
4th. Rodolfo “Rowtron” Castro
5th. Ricky Ortiz
5th. Junior B
7th. Sanford (?)

winners finals David L won 3-0 against Justin, Justin came back to win 4-2 4-2

please confirm any results after 4th


1st. Ricky Ortiz
2nd. Mike Watson
3rd. pyrolee
4th. Adolfo Luevano
5th. John D
5th. Vic


1st. Ricky Ortiz
2nd. Justin Wong
3rd. Santhrax
4th. Gee-O
5th. Zim
5th. Buktooth


1st. ID
2nd. Romel
3rd. Eric “Zim” Choi
4th. Daniel “ruin” hellavasquez
5th jose/self science


:eek: OMG WHAT!! soo is out?!?! wasnt he undefeated?


who put kuan in losers?


row def sanford in winners


whats going on with CvS2, any info/upsets?


row lost to david lee in winners
sanford is OUT OF TOURNEY by unknown guy
justin vs david lee winners finals
ro vs ricky in losers bracket
kuan still in losers.


3s Results

1st. Ricky Ortiz
2nd. Mike Watson
3rd. pyrolee

jwong lost to pyro and frankie in 3s

soo lost to ricky in marvel 2

genghis breaks his undefeated record against clock and lost

potter got taken out by santhrax


wow, so row really can beat sanford. All this time sanford said he can beat row, hmm still losers.

Come on sanford. Justin you better win, and you know what the reason is:evil:



~Born to Play~

Congratulation Rowtron, you took out one of our finest. Even if Marvelous wins (Justin aka) the Empire will not take credit for it. Our original goal was to have Santhrax and Marvelous in the end. However in that, we fail. So we congratulate you on your success. Until then…


Stop posting, THE TRIFORCE GAME MASTER. You are nobody and nobody cares what your plans are. Top-Haters are gonna tear you up at ECC, fool.


kuan def. row

justin, david lee, kuan still in

thanks to PsiANyd and Arturo for the updates


lol, i just read tp.com. some interesting shits brewing.


Even in defeat…

~Born to Play~

Even in defeat, this is nothing personal, but at least we have some type of revenge. Kuan beat Row. Hold that shit. lol. Just playing. Finding a way to deal with our loss. Until then.


Damn Hate King.

~Born to Play~

We are really ranking up there in your list. We hope that we can get number 1 on your list. Then we would really accomplish something. lol. Until then…


Empire you didnt sent justin, you just jumped on the bangwagon four days later with sanford. Plus i heard justin had to sell his soul to you to get your help w/sanford. No EC#1 players have supported cali minor events in 3yrs for a Reason. Someone else, who planned it loong ago, got him to go.

Only because Wizard is gone will there now be support to socal minor events run ONLY by DreamTr.

anyways heres some Ongoing ucla results,

mvc2 update:
justin/davidl/kuan remain
sanford/soo/ricky is out
kuan def row

3s Final 1) ricky 2) watson 3) pyrolee

That’s all I know for now. no updates on cvs2 but we all know ricky will win that for free anyway. Also, there were 80 for MVC2, 60 for 3s and 40 for CvS2, if i remember correctly.


~Born to Play~

Okay, I am going to go through this one time so that there is no slip ups. Wilson made it clear that we did not send Marvelous out there in terms of plane fare and all. That is number one, number 2, Where did we ever said we did. If you mistook what we meant by “The Empire is sending Justin and Santhrax,” we meant in the context as a unit. If anyone took it otherwise, we apologize for you miscomphrehending the statment. As for banwagon…You should read a our post on this thread on the first page in terms of Marvel Vs. Capcom, with Marvelous and Santhrax. Finally…what is up with the hate lol… Relax guys its all about the game and the competition. It’s not life or death you know. Until then…


Being a man

~Born to Play~

Thank you for being a man Sabin. On another point…it pleases us to know that #capcom has us as there number one topic. However hating will get you nowhere.

P.S. I like you Hate King. Your funny.

Until then…


hey all, wanted to say it was a good tournament even tho if was unbarable in that room.

watts: you bastard!
pyro: bastard!


good games everyone


Yes, that room was craazy hot but I had a good time. I thought Adolfo did really well today. Boo on Watson for beating vic…jk… gj man. Damn Ricky’s Chun is so … crazy.

Thank you Hung and Hang…u guys rule! :slight_smile:


MvC2 results

1st. Justin
2nd. DavidL
3rd. Kuan
4th Row