UCLA Weekly 3S, CvS2, ST Results

Street Fighter II Super Turbo

1st Alex Salguero (Sin)
2nd Denny Mak
3rd Paul Lee
4th Richard Andrade (Shogo)
5th Reza Okhovat (Reza-O), Ken I.
7th Darryl Austin (Master Yen), Ernest Huang (Yumi Saotome)
9th David Lee (DC Lee), Fortino Montes (Forti), Edward Melgar (DASH) Manuel Bermudez Jr
13th Chris Lopez R2 Desayuno, Kenny Guerra Kennywood

Capcom vs Snk 2

1st Alex Salguero (Sin)
2nd Ronnie Cheng (R|C)
3rd Nakano Kohei (KABAMI)
4th Ernest Huang (Yumi Saotome)
5th JR Rodriguez , Fortino Montes (Forti)
7th Chris Lopez (R2 Desayuno), Kenny Guerra (Kennywood)
9th Daryl Quan (Shaolin), Daniel Maniago (Clockw0rk), Jose Lico (V Ism Potemkin), Reza Okhovat (Reza-O)
13th Christian Mancia (greenjoker23), Darryl Austin (Master Yen), Edward Melgar (DASH), William Garcia
17th David Lee (DC Lee), Osvaldo Rios (DEF), Eric So (Flash Snake), Manuel Bermudez Jr (Aero), Denny Mak

Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

1st Paul Lee(Paulee )
2nd JR Rodriguez
3rd Jose Lico (V Ism Potemkin)
4th Ken I.
5th Christian Mancia (greenjoker23), Y
7th Niles Livingston III, Reza Okhovat (Reza-O)
9th Richard Andrade(Shogo), Erick T., Edward Melgar (DASH), David Lee
13th Osvaldo Rios, William Garcia, Huy Pham

Thanks to everyone that showed up for our weekly tournaments. Thanks to SiN for helping me run the tourney and to Paul Lee who drove the long drive to represent UCLA.

I moved to LA recently and live quite close to UCLA.
Started getting back into playing competetively, what day and time are UCLA weeklys held?
Entrance fee?

And is UCLA arcade best arcade to play in for competition?


they do have good competition in UCLA and so does family fun arcade in granada hills. its not tooo far from ucla…