UCSB Players


Any SFIV players in UCSB, if there’s enough people i’m thinking of trying to get a monthly tourney going


yes, so far i have only met 2 sf4 players here at ucsb.


yo what up Neo here. I’m coming back to UCSB this upcoming school year and I would be down to participate in monthly tourneys for sf4. I might be able to get some more people in it if Marvel is also involved!


I got $100 on neo to win the first sf4 tourny


I’m in sb, played giga before


ya good games, wanna play again ? haha


First year at UCSB, I was just about to make a thread, then I saw this. Since the gaming community is small here, I think this should be all fighting games, not just SF4.

Anyways, I like me to win MvC2 and SF4. Where is the play at?!!?

Any meeting place on campus or gaming clubs (I feel like a loser asking, reminds of highschool days).


you win? paleeeease


is probably cause you were a loser back in high school


I only play sf4, but I’m down for watever.



Lets set up a meet and have us all play. Who’s interested…?


i was


it’d be great if we can get some games in this weekend…preferably friday


where at?


I actually want to know if there is any gaming clubs…cause I haven’t seen one.


i’ll join if there is one


i live 40 min. north from UCSB.


so what happened? no one wanted to play?


5th year here at UCSB.

The UCEN actually had a MvC2 cab a couple years back before they shut the arcade down. Now everything’s sorta in the limbo.

Anyways, I’m looking for some local competition to play against. Online play only gets you so far…


you any good?