UCSD 3rd Strike is now DEAD. RIP


WTF I can’t believe this piece of shit school got this game right when I’m about to graduate.

I was there today. Who plays at UCSD??


is the cabinet decent? and how much



it was playable… I was able to do ALMOST everything


Haha, UCSD arcade is such a joke. We had 3s once…when Ed Ma and I were still in school and we’d play like 2 hours a day.

Also, good job graduating before you turned 25. I couldn’t pull that one off.

–Jay Snyder


UCSD has an arcade? lol.


I work there so I go and play 3 strike everyday at lunch. I’m trying and hoping for Mvc 2 someday. I’ve ask and ask for it but, the vendor has it in another spot.


Both sides work pretty well. No major problems since they got it 6 months ago or so.


whens a good time that people come in and play?


When do you normally play???


today was the first time i knew we had 3s. i go there after my class either 1 or 2pm


are you going to be there tomorrow? i can show up around 1 or 2


yeah i’ll go tomm at 1 after my class. wont stay unless there is people


i’ll be there tomorrow


yi imma drive down there to play you :smiley:

and then we can go to carls jr. and get a spicy chicken sandwich

P.S. I’ll bring Gene also


ken dont come.



i was at ucsd today (weird enough) and i played a couple rounds of 3s. the sticks are alright. they are pretty lose.

also, the buttons are big n concave.


Man…why would you guys spend any time at UCSD if you don’t have to. If you guys are that hard up for intense 3s action, you should just come over to my place.

–Jay Snyder


this saddens me.


if i come over can i get milk and cookies… more on the milk please


why you so mean to ken?