Ucsd sf4

I’m at UCSD warren apts and looking for people who play at UCSD. I figured there must be a base of people who play SF4 and other games here but its just harder to find SF players than smash players :wasted:. Post here so we know where everyone is =D

I’m also down to play smash:melee and dota rofl

YES! What system do you play on? I got it for PS3 and I have a stick.

Reppin’ Revelle.

I’m only here for like 1.5 days. At Six College.

damn i have a xbox stick … :confused:

let’s play

lol chris you play falco in melee? lets do this

who’s down to play sometime soon?

wanna play melee today? lol

this thread has been dead for a long time and needs to be revitalized. can i get a bump real quick?

trying to get a session going on tuesday nights, initially with the crew of MACOKE.

if things go well we can spin off and do our own thing

meet at the sixth college commuter lounge at 6PM.

Hope to see all you kids that interested. PEACEE

I might come by, it’s raining like crazy though, i might not even go to class.

GGs yesterday. I’m Ilija btw.

We definitely should get more sessions going and there have been talks of throwing a tournament sometime in the future.

To all the UCSD players out there: show your faces, we needa grow this community. We already have a very strong UCSD Melee community, hopefully this’ll carry on to SF4.

Ilija said, “Show your faces.”

Someone should rent out the Sixth College lodge like Azn Lep does for the Melee community.

already on it, there will be a ucsd tourney sometime this quarter.

Yo can I get a mod to rename the title of this thread? I’ve begun the process of initiating an sf4 dedicated club at UCSD called Round Ruckus. Please PM me for details. thanks.

Dude, get some SD tournaments on this campus. I’ll definitely come and stay the weekend. (That means, weekend, haha).

thank to those who showed up to Round Ruckus’ first unofficial meeting. hope to see ya’ll next week. and for all you forum lurkers send me a PM if you want more info on UCSD’s premiere sf4 scene

Round Ruckus! GET HYPE!!

Can’t send PM’s for some reason… can someone message me and tell me when and where the meetings are? Thanks

i wish i could have made it! i heard there was a small ranbat too!