UD-CPS2: Fully Consolized Capcom Play System 2


So what the security pins do?
Just keep people out?
Or do they serve a function, like holding the case together?


They don’t really hold the case together, because they’re relative loose and spin around, but some have had just screw-bolts there, and they can serve that purpose if you want.
They’re definitely there just to keep people from tampering with the innards; since there’s no way to take them off without destroying them, and Capcom was the only ones to have the security bolts with the Capcom “C” icon on them, they’d be able to differentiate the tampered ones from the clean ones…


I think it’s just a fancy, metal “warranty voided” sticker. :wink:


Ironically, they actually place a warranty sticker over the security pin O_o


So it’s a warranty sticker on top of a warranty security pin. Seems like overkill, but understandable given how Capcom was REALLY anti-piracy in the CPS-1 days.

How were you even supposed to originally remove the security pin anyways? Special socket tool? Plastic clip remover? Capcom-approved drill?


Got to play check out a UD cps2 this weekend at final round. Awesome device.


Nice! I’m glad to see more people are getting their hands on it. I didn’t even hear there was one there. I thought everyone was just playing ST on the cabs. How many setups did you guys use? Was it used for tourneys too?


The head of the security pin is recessed into the plastic casing, so there’s not much room for a tool, but it’s possible they had something custom. I’m considering modifying some pliers to see if I can come up with a reliable non-drill solution. The key is not damaging the plastic, so your options are limited.


Yeah. Even using two pairs of needle-nose pliers, you’ll end up scraping the inner walls of the recess at least a little.


Can you drive it out with the spindle on a mill/drill press/lathe?


They used cabs in the arcade room for the tourney. There was one UD-Cps2 in the BYOC area.


Just finished reading the entire thread. I just bought a Marvel Vs Capcom B board in the process. I am definitely getting one of these. Now if I could just find a Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo or X… There is a local scene here called EXP Gaming (Oak Park, IL) I will see if they will run a tournament with this!! Thanks UD!!


Glad you guys are enjoying these as they spread around to various gatherings!

If anyone is wondering what’s going on with these, I am still building them, but very slowly and I feel bad that it’s taking me so long (I am months and dozens of orders behind. I don’t typically take money up front, so I’m glad I’m not sitting on a bunch of people’s money, but I still hate being so behind like this). I’m hoping to be caught up and have some extras built before EVO, but if the first few months of this year are any indicator as to how the rest of the year will go, I’m not so foolish as to make any promises.


So I guess Dremel vs. Pins are a 10:0 matchup.


Planet RV and Wandfeuer (German guys you sold one) brang it at some gathering in Nancy, France, it had huge succes as expected ^^ They are supposed to bring it again at Stunfest in Rennes, France, for some hotel freeplay lol ! In Lyon, we can’t wait for the one you have on your to-built list for me lol !

See you soon at EVO ! :slight_smile:


Team Schlenkerwili is the savior of EU ST.


Are these still being produced?


i believe so
fatboy. i just got mine in yesterday and it works great.


Yup. Undamned is working on a batch right now. To be sent out to a whole bunch of lucky people prior to Evo. I believe some people are even slated to get them after Evo?


guess im waiting til Brian announces next batch. i just hope he doesnt get burned out.