UD-CPS2: Fully Consolized Capcom Play System 2


I didn’t think sony manufactured those A/V multi out ports for the public. where are you getting those? I certainly hope you’re not sacrificing playstations for them


Well, that was out of left field…

On a weekly basis, game shops and other sellers are dumping stacks (literally) of broken PS1s on ebay. Theoretically, someone could buy them, track down parts to repair them, repair them, track down power/av cords and controllers for them (which they don’t come with in these broken lots) and lose money reselling them (as a value reference, my local retro game shop sells guaranteed working PS1 w/ accessories for $15). I on the other hand repurpose them. There are many things of value in these outside of the AV ports. If you find it your life calling to save the broken Playstations, hop on ebay and start buying. I buy hardly any compared to what is available.


Undammed is right, there so many broken and busted consoles on the market, that repurposing the parts out of one is not that dire.
There alot of either very hard to fix, very expensive to fix or impossible to fix PS1 consoles out there. The original model PS1 (SCPH-1001 ) with the RCA jacks in the rear are one of the most likely to be non-working.

Broken NES, SNES, Sega Genesis and so on are almost a dime a dozen. I purchased, repaired, restored and sold quite a new NES consoles. I tried my hand at repairing a SCPH-1001 original release model PS1, GOD FUCKING DAMN was that piece of shit hard as well to trouble shoot. Order a whole new CD drive (brand new OEM) and the stupid crap still will not read disks. No wonder a working unit of the first release PS1 sells for so much.

For the PS1 only the Net Yaroze (developers console) PS1 sells for more than the SCPH-1001.


UD-CPS2 Raw/Unedited (Interlaced) S-Video Capture Test: Dazzle (DVC100) & AmarecTV :

This was captured via S-Video on a Dazzle (DVC100). Though AmarecTV can deinterlace video for live view, it only records the raw interlaced video. I didn’t feel like messing w/ re-encoding deinterlaced, so here is the raw interlaced capture.

Many people think the Dazzle is a low end device, but with the proper setup, you can in fact get some solid recordings (including audio, which gives a lot of people trouble).

Also, I was pleased to find that I didn’t need to install the huge video suite that comes with the Dazzle in order to do what I want (record/stream). Simply download the device driver from the official site and then AmarecTV (+ whatever video compressor you want to use. I’m using Lagarith). I think my entire recording and streaming setup (I’m using OBS for streaming) is less than 50MB. If you are interested in AmarecTV or OBS (both of which are Free and excellent), there should be plenty of video tutorials floating around for configuring those.

After being deinterlaced via AmarecTV for streaming in OBS, it looks pretty nice. Not bad for an older capture device that I paid $5 for + some free software.


Playing around w/ some streaming stuff and wanted know how it looks on other people’s ends. My internet is pretty bad (less than 1MB) so i’m brodcasting between 500-700KB. Stream is here: http://www.twitch.tv/undamned


The stream doesn’t look bad at all on my end.
I’m surprised that I can watch it at all here at the office, considering most other things are blocked on the network (Youtube, eBay, Amazon, etc…)


Stream looks good. You probably get alot more feedback if this was a new topic though :slight_smile:


Just requested one of these! Hope and pray I can get one!


I am a TO and want one!


did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


If it was sent to me, I did not


So, some recent controller lag studies have been making the rounds (How much does your arcade stick lag? Arcade stick input lag testing & results thread) and being as people have begun asking me questions about how UD-CPS2 relates to this, I have to point out an inadequacy of these recent tests. These tests do not reflect raw controller response time. These tests encompass how the console handles polling the controllers and the processing of the controller information in the game itself. There are far more variables running these controllers on an actual PS3 or X360 console than on UD-CPS2. The UD-CPS2 ignores the polling rate requested by the controller. It polls the controller in 1ms intervals for fresh data, regardless of the controller’s USB descriptor.

In short, if you are a UD-CPS2 user, that list is not accurate for you. For kicks, I may test the worst controller on that list (PS3 Fightstick PRO) on UD-CPS2 with an oscilloscope and post the results here.

How much does your arcade stick lag? Arcade stick input lag testing & results thread

Pm sent to purchase one of these.Let me know if you have one left.thanks


PM number two about purchasing one if they are still available. Hope to hear back :slight_smile:


My one regret is I can click AGREE only once. I applaud you good sir for your triumphs and your damnation of that heretic lag thread.


Hi undamned, I PM’ed you a while back, just thought I would see if these are still for sale? Let me know!


Sorry, I have a pile of PMs, e-mails, etc. to get to regarding UD-CPS2. I’ll try and sort them in the next couple weeks. Short answer is: yes, technically they are still for sale, but I’m way behind and I will just keep adding names to the wait list with no guarantee as to when your name will come up (though I do a thorough job of keeping the order, based on date of contact).


Someone please PM me how much does this thing cost


Please put me on the list. How many are in the queue?


You should PM undamned or email him for additional information: