Udon and San Diego Comic-Con 2006

udoneko: Any plans for Udon to hit up Comic-Con and, if so, what’s going to be happening for you guys there? I kept in touch with Taki Enomoto from Capcom JP after last year’s event, and he just told me that not only will he not be going, but there won’t be any Capcom artists going, either. He said the reason for this is, and I quote from his email, ‘the booth should be managed by Shu [of] Capcom USA, not Taki of Capcom Japan’. I find this a terrible pity because Ikeno-san and Mori-san were so popular last year – or maybe nobody wanted to do SDCC 06 after hearing about the horror of drawing for four days straight, and Taki’s just being polite about it. :wasted: Perhaps you’ve got something else going, or have heard differently?

In case you haven’t guessed, I’ll be going; I just need to figure out what the rates and registration procedures are for attending professionals. Yeah, I know it’s only January, but those of us with low-paying part-time jobs have to start saving up really early, eh?

Anyone else here making plans to go? Maybe we can meet up.

I’m trying to get some funds and artwork together.

Forget that man, ask Taki Enomoto if anyone from Capcom is going to Digital Life NY in 2006! There’s a bunch of NY Capcom fans here man - SNK, Sega/Sammy, Namco, Nintendo, Microsoft, Sony where all there last year - and unlike E3 where you have to be close friends with Jesus Christ to get in this show is open to the public! Linky you can send to Enomoto, gosh darn it all to heck!


And thank goodness yall ain’t getting any Capcom Artists because we ain’t getting them at the NY comic con either (but Udon’s coming) so now I don’t have to go to San Diego just like yall don’t have to come to NYC - mwahahahaha! J/K :smile:

Ask him your damned self. Udoneko’s got his info. :rofl: As for who you have to know, well, it’s sometimes as simple as working for EB Games. :bgrin:

Why would I want to work for EB/Gamestop AKA them stores that did not have Dragon Quest VIII and Samurai Showdown V on… I dunno… the day these games came out when J&L in Chinatown in NYC had them both on day one and for weeks later when both of those stores scratched their heads and then got like 3 copies of each game a week later? You just wait, one day Viscant will walk into your store and make you cry like he did to that Gamestop employee. Going to E3 is not worth the wrath of Viscant. :rofl:


Thanks for nothing, :rofl: I will ask Erik Ko about Digital Life at the NYC Convention, (since it’s held at the same exact place as the Jacob Javitz, maybe he can tell Capcom how great it is - JJ is freaking huge) and Studio Udon’s more than welcome to show up for Digital Life too. With my invitation and 25 cents you have enough to feed a gumball machine for a treat, now that’s a hook up! :tup:

Heh, my store had DQ8 and SamSho promptly, thanks. Mind you, if a game doesn’t come in on the day of release, sometimes it’s as simple as a delayed shipment or the date getting pushed back. No need to yell at the employees.

Enomoto-san tells me Erik’s supposed to be at E3, too. Should be good times.

That’s cool! Maybe they’ll interview him when G4 reports on E3 or something. :rock:

Not too sure what is happenning at SDCC yet. What Taki is referring to I guess is that unless someone invites (pays for the ticket and hotel , etc, AND if their schedule allows) Capcom Japan artists over, Capcom Japan will probably not be participating SDCC this year and let Capcom USA handles the show soley.

I SHALL be heading to E3 for meetings and stuff. Not sure if anyone is even remotely interested in interviewing me for this comic thing we are doing… video game biz is way bigger than the comic biz…

Please note that - I or UDON has no power to convince Capcom to do anything for anyone. Please do not send any request to me asking me to “Tell Capcom to do this or do that”. We have a good business relationship as licensee and licensor, sometimes being creative partners. But I do stay out of their way on their promo and administrative side.

Hey it’s cool. Guess I can E-mail Capcom about going to Digital Life NY when the show draws near and that’s all I can do. Year 2 had a lot more gaming companies than year 1, they might come anyway, who knows.

Either way, I’m sure I can convince them. My Gumball offer = God Tier Brokenness. :slight_smile: