UDON & CAPCOM at San Diego Comicon 2006!

UDON & CAPCOM at San Diego Comicon 2006!

Check it out!

Hope to see you there!

I think a Dizzy sketch by Jo Chen would look rather nice next to Arnold’s I-No from last year.

I asked in a thread long ago, but ill just ask again here. Any chances anyone who did the art for mvc2 will be at the con? i have a rare mvc2 poster i want to have signed by capcom staff/ artists before i frame it and keep it.

Nice, I’ll be there again this year. I hope they have another street fighter panel, that would be awesome. I wanna ask Capcom why they suddenly gave us the gem that is Alpha Anthology.

I’ll prolly pick up that Sakura door poster too, and the Lilith/Morrigan poster is lookin hot. Too bad there isn’t a new bust this year, but its all good.

I’m prolly gonna have to pick up the Gouken figure too: http://www.sotatoys.com/news.asp#050806


Also gotta pick this up, http://www.comic-con.org/cci/cci06_actionfigs_4.shtml (scroll down for white gi akuma)by playground maniacs

Nice! I had lots of fun with Studion Udon at the NY Comic Con earlier this year. To all who attend, make sure you share your sketches with us. :smile:

AH! Anyone gonna get the Naruto resin statue? I so want that but I have no idea of it’s cost and am not going to attend the event as always (way too far…)

I’m gonna be picking it up, as long as its for a reasonable price (~50 or less)


Just realized its size… well, looking at the shadow clone statue, it sells for over $100, so I doubt I’ll be picking it up after all.

will the SFII cammy #3 cover be on sale?
all these convention exclusives are driving me nuts.
i’ll be volunteering at the con this year. hope those hardcovers don’t run out!

I trust that the hardcore of the SF Ultimate, is limited to 500 copies, and that a softcover will be released to retail eventually?

That’s actually in the Diamond Previews catalogue this month, so a version of some sort on that product is coming. What is it anyway?

Bascially everything Udon has done regarding SF. Issues 1-14. Every cover, every backup, every cheap-shot, summer exclusives, etc…all in the proper size and format. Not like the graphic collections, that was shrinked down pages.

Cheers. Well we knew they’d brew up to it sometime sooner or later when they decided to leave back-ups out of TPB’s:rolleyes:

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Well, yeah… but how much is that hardcover going to cost?

I did know that thanks TS.

Dude, every company does that. It’s nothing new.

TPB get released often, and this case it was suitable as single issues were all sold out.

Yeah, it is about money. It’s like that for every company, but if the fan wishes to buy it, then let him.

I have little concern with all the variants or merchandise (apart from having little money to buy them all, damn it). I am more concerned with release schedules. All thsi jazz is not new for anyone. It’s common practice. Deal with it.

TimeStop… you are Permanently BANNED from SRK.

Although always negative so for giving opinions now we’re getting banned? Nice one SFD. That’s the problem when you get fanatics running a board instead of fans with more open minds.

Everything TS said was completely true and he had every right to say it. If you believe that Udon did this in the steps they did with TPB’s for fan benefit; God help you. They’re a business just like any other but sometimes they just take the piss. Last I heard the back-ups and such were left out for comic value, what happened to that theory eh?

They said they would be collected later.
Guess what?
It’s later. :rolleyes:

I don’t think he should’ve been banned for that. It was only his thoughts on the whole idea of TPB and all. Now if he outright slandered Udon or any other company with vulgaraity and so forth, it would have been understandable, but for what he had posted, it wasn’t anything to get banned over.