UDON Comic, My Akuma BOOK is falling apart

Hi, I don’t know what I have done to deserve this but the Akuma book that I had just gotten in the mail today is falling apart right after I taken it out of the box. I don’t know if anybody can help me out or point me to towards the right direction. I emailed them on their web site but I don’t expect to hear back from them Sad I posted some pictures up; Im very sad right now. I paid $100 including shipping for this book and waited 2 months.
Check out the following links for the pictures

dang, i read about this on a-c.com
you’re not the only one, huh

We’ll look into it.

so far< we have 6 complaints out of the 400 or so books sold. PM SFD your address and we will get you a replacement copy since you show us pictures already.

I sent you my address and pics…should I send them to SFD?

I sent sfdevotion my information. Please me know if you have recieved it and when the replacement will be shipped.

Haha that avatar is awesome.

also can i have a copy of SF Ultimate Challenge? plz.


you want it free? or you going to pay?

Can someone from Udon please respond??
If it’s not to much to ask for?

We just finish off the big Toronto Con. And it is a holiday here in Canada (Isnt it in US too?)

We will start organizing the replacements this week for you guys. I will also have to claim the priter for these copies. Thanks for your patience.

Thank you for the heads-up! :wgrin:

Ok, thats acceptiable. Are you going to send the replacements out first?

I just finished reading my entire book and I didn’t have any problems with pages falling out. Guess it’s a random thing.

Well lucky you, I’m, glad that one of the 400 books they sold is good. Maybe your next book will fall apart.


Ease up, dude. You could at least be glad that they’re organizing replacements for us.

They’re replacing your book, what more do you want?
A medal for your valor?

Losing the attitude will do you a world of good.

I’ll ease up when i actually see my replacement book. I lose a lot of trust in them.

My next book falling apart? That’s pretty funny considering that this is the third hardcover I’ve ordered from Studio Udon from the SDCC convention, the other 2 were the two hardcover SF Eternal Challenge books in the past.

It’s a printer error, not an Udon error.
You’re not actually entitled to anything, they’re just being a good business.

He is entitled to a replacement. That’s nothing special or abnormal.