Udon comics packaged with SOTA figures?

So how about it?

SOTA’s packaging for the Street Fighter line is truly hideous so I’m planting this little suggestion to look into the possibility of striking a deal with SOTA to start packing reprints of your comics in with SOTA Street Fighter figures.

Marvel and Toybiz have been doing it with Marvel Legends. I believe DC is doing it with their figures, how about SOTA and Udon?

that’s a great idea, but sota figs are selling at $15 (approx) a peice anyways, and considering the amount of characters and their variants, the price of collecting gets pretty steep at times…

as long as the price isn’t affected, i think it would be terrific, especially if the reprints are variant covers or even paper non holo versions of the powerfoil covers

Well, the figures aren’t produced in large as numbers as say lines like Marvel Legends so their prices are going to be higher, but I agree, if they can pack in a $3.00 comic w/out really raising the prices any then that would make the price seem a bit better for fans and force SOTA into redesigning their terrible package design.

NO! WTF, man? I don’t want to buy some childish action figures just to get another variant! I have all the available variants - I even bought the christmas busts as soon as they came out coz they had the christmas variant.

Busts I will buy because they are classy. I vote AGAINST bundling new variants with crappy action figures.

Wanna bundle already available variants? Fine. But Udon PLEASE don’t bundle new variants with those childish pieces of sh!t.

Hey Brian, next time you to talk Jerry, see if you can get some info on a Capcom Classics line.:wink:

And the SOTA figures are far from crappy. Hell, they make the best stuff on the market…

I agree with Nemesis, the Sota Street Fighter action figures are some of the best collectable action figures available today. The attention to detail and articulation make them some of the best out there, definitely as good or even better than Marvel Legends. I think the comic book deal is sweet, it would benefit both Sota and Udon. Sota would sell more figures to Udon comics collectors, and people who might be interested in more stuff for your money, and Udon would be getting lots of new readers who previously might not have known about their comics.

I just hope they bring out an accessories kit some day with lots of new heads, hands, weapons and stuff. I want a Cammy head and beret separately, so I can have her standing in her winning pose!

The thing about Marvel Legends is that the comics are character-specific. How many different stories of SF have their been that haven’t starred Ryu, Chun-Li, Ken, Guile, Cammy or Sakura? The SFIII characters won’t appear for awhile and characters like Birdie and Adon jobbed to more popular characters in their few appearences.

Just because I’m press doesn’t mean SOTA will tell me anything. That kind of information has to be announced, and I haven’t heard anything about a Capcom Classics line (though it would probably be greatly received by the fans).

And I agree as well, I love the Street Fighter figures. They beat out Marvel Legends in almost every way. Better sculpt, plenty of articulation, great acessory parts and the quality of the plastic is so much better.

Cammy Fighter: I know SOTA proposed to include post-battle head sculptures with each figure, they would have bruises and blood on them, but Capcom said no to that idea. An accessory set would be a great idea.

Leo: True, but Marvel also has years and years of publishing to work with to make it easy to pack what comic with which figure. I think this would be beneficial to Udon because they can bring in more potential readers. As long as that character makes an appearance in some way in the comic than I’d be happy just with that.