UDON designs SF Figures!

Some of you have been asking about SF action figures. The news is finally out - SOTA Toys will be releasing a line of SF figures in 2004!

As you might know, before joining UDON, I was working in the toy business. I have known these fine guys from SOTA for years and we talked about the SF toy license, SOTA owner Jerry asked if we would be interested in designing them!

So Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, and Joe Vriens did some control art for their series and here they are - SF Toys based on our design! YAY!


The 15th anniversary celebration keeps coming!

Very exciting news! I will collect two of every street fighter figure they make! (Hoping for a Dan, Zangief and Elena figure):stuck_out_tongue:

Nice. I’ve been waiting for new SF figures since the Resaurus line (RIP), and this looks like a worthy successor. I think I’ll enter that contest as well. I think that it’s fairly obvious which 4 would make the first cut.

These seem cool, now we can finally properly re enact MVC with the right figures! Here’s hoping for a Charlie(duh for me) 'gief, Dan, Guile, Chunli, Blanka and SKullomania figure( :wink: I can dream can’t I)
Oh the Childcare Zangief style pic is great dude!:smiley: :smiley:

Thank ye kindly. And yes, a Skullo figure would own. Any chance of talking to Arika about that, Mr. Ko?

Are you going to make any in 4" scale?..like the first Streetfighter toy-line from 1993.

Nooiiice. Link doesn’t work right now, but in comparison to the Mcfarlane toys and the guys who do Justice league animated figures, will they be in that kind of quality? Past street fighter toys were never that great, especially the gi joe ones. Hope they look good.


Remember me asking about the figures last year? Well at least you guys will be involved in the process. SWEET!!! Can’t wait until they drop.

This is too good to be true… Best news all year… I will definitely have them ALL. :smiley:

have you guys seen the soul calibur action figures? they look so lifelike and they each include character stands. street fighter comics should also consider having two fighters in a single box, like the xmen vs. streetfighter figures. also, please avoid making lame plastic fireballs that go with each model.

related to this:

anyone looking to sell their resaurus figures? i’d really like a Remy and/or Alex.

I’m definetally gonna get em all.

Im definetly getting Akuma, Dhalsim, and Vega.

I want to get a resaurus figure too. Those things are the best.

I’m getting two sets of each…one to play with one to collect.


Imagines Ryu Kazama on floor playing with SF action Figures

Ryu Kazama as Ryu: “Man, I sure do like walking around”

Ryu Kazama as Sagat: “Hey Ryu, lets fight!”

Ryu Kazama as Ryu: “Okay”

Repededly slams toys together

hahahaha, that really made me laugh dude. That was so cool.

Seriously, I loved it.

And yep, thats me…I’ll sit on the floor…or at my table, and play with the toys.

I’d have to make a blue paper ball and a red one just for the Hadouken though. Oh well, it’ll spice up my action-figure fights.


I’ve said it before Kazama, & I’lll say it again…
I worry about you man:confused:

must…have…figures!! :sweat:

Lucky I found a place in Australia that I can pre-order from :smiley:


Does anyone know any other places i can get figures in Aus?
Ebay’s kinda a last resort

Can’t wait till August! Birthday! :eek:

LOL they look terrible. i think i saw some of these at my local comic store before. i’ll ask them next time i go there.