UDON, is Onimusha manga censored!?

(I know this doesn’t necesarrily fit in this topic, but I cannot think of anywhere else to post this, after all, Onimusha is a capcom game, and this regards Udon.)

Basic question, I was reading through the “Onimusha: Night of Genesis” Manga, published by Udon, and, because me and my friends have no idea what Udon’s attitude is towards censorship or editing, we wondered if the Manga was edited or censored at all before the US release?

Actually… technicaly, our english manga shows more art than the japanese one! How so? The original Japanese Manga is published in Japan in smaller Japanese Manga size. We decided to print the english version in a larget digest size format which is larger and the proportion is actually wider that the Japanese version. Therefore, we position and size the art accordingly and in some splash pages, and most splash panels on each page, you actually see more got printed than the original version!

Otherwise, we did not censor anything out of the book. It is a full translation/adaptation to the original Japanese version.

Really? That’s great! Awesome! Thanks for answering, you guys are legends!