Udon Masahiko Nakahira comics


The other day I noticed to my surpise and delight Udon is releasing Masahiko Nakahira’s Street Fighter Alpha graphic novel in two volumes. Are there any plans to release also the Street Fighter Ryu Final manga or the Sakura comic he did?

Also I’m a little surprised nobody is talking about this on here as this is one of the most famous, no, probably the most famous Street Fighter manga artists in the world.

Thanks so much Udon for releasing this! Good work!


Yes all three are in the works. We’ve been talking about them, but in some older threads.


Has this one come out yet? If not any news on when will be in shops?


None of them are out yet. I don’t know when they will be out for certain.


Yeah will probably take some time since they’re working on SFHD. But that’s ok with me :smiley: Looking forward to Ryu Final the most.


There’s two sticky threads here, one that posts what comics are coming out this week and another that says when the next issue of SF is coming out. Those are two threads to check from week to week to see when these books will be out.




You can read some preview pages here of the Street Fighter Alpha manga. I still don’t know when exactly the book will be out though. Click on the cover to check out the first few pages.