Udon Panel at Otakon, no one is talking about it?

Udon was at Otakon, How come no one is talking about it?

I was at the Con and went to their panel on the last day. Here’s what i found interesting:

Street fighter II Turbo comic:
#1 And #2 are done and Street fighter IV backstories in each issue


The New artbook is coming out in english and be out in october and the comic series will come back next year[probably].


Just got the translation rights for 20th anniversary Megaman Mega-size artbook and the Ace Attorney artbook pack and those are TBA.

I’ll post more stuff on what they said during the Q&A if anyone wants to disscus:lovin:

what i found interesting is the fact the guy from udon was charging 100 bucks for sketches…did he forget he wasnt at comic con?

OH SHIT SF4 BACKSTORIES?! HELLS YEAH! Thanks for the info dude.

I’m not even sure a lot of the comic book forum regulars attended. I mean you never know but Otakon doesn’t come up a lot if at all in the sticky convention thread if that means anything, shrug… Akumatru mentioned it a few times in the convention thread, he might of attended…

Anyway thanks for the info guy! :woot:

Amputekthure did hook me up with a lot of stuff from the San Diego Comic con that I just recieved in the male today! I have the three covers for the SF #0 Remix book, a Gouki sketch, the SF4 Chun-Li toy, an SF4 Ryu red headband, a We Love Golf Wii Mote bag and an Ecto-1 license plate from Ghostbusters. I only asked Amputekthure for the comics and the sketch so he really hooked me up. :tup:

Maxx - Udon only charges like 80/100 for full body sketches. Portraits go for 20 bucks. Usually, I have no idea what they did at Otacon though. But SDCC this year and both times they came to NY was like that.

Last I spoke to Erik Ko, he said he wasn’t too sure if Udon would be attending the NY Anime Festival this year like they did last time. I guess I’m probably gonna miss them in '08 but hopefully I’ll get to see them in '09. Right now, I’m just praying that Arcadia makes a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom cover so I can have Yoshitaka Amano sign it. :smile:

LoL. What i what found funny is price changed so quickly for their Summer sketchbook. 2nd day -Noon- Everyone was at the booth. Jo chen had a Massive line on her end:looney:, Omar Dogan was sketching KOF commissions and having a conversation on social cultural politics with another con-goer. The Sketchbook cost $10 [at first] and to get omar to sketch on the Remix comic cost another $10. I went to the ATm to take out a $20 only to find out that the price of the sketchbook suddenly skyrocketed to $20! :wow: I mean i still bought it , ZUB told me they were selling out fast, but now i couldn’t get Omar to sketch for ME :sad:. However getting 2 door posters FREE [Sakura and Chun-li]at the panel made up for it.

I got some answers from the Q&A if anyone wants to talk about it.

Yeah man please share. :smile:


Remember when SF4 rumor first leaked to the forums [2 years ago]? When Zub and the rest were having dinner with kinu Nishimura and Capcom after the Eternal Challege interview, and Zub said “I’d always get malnurist as a kid because I use my lunch money to play your arcade game.” When the translator told capcom this they given a rare look at SIV designs. Zub was[His words] “Twitching” because then He and Udon were sworn not to tell. So when the rumour got out, They knew but couldn’t tell or they be in trouble. But it hurt sooo much to hold it in while everyone was speculating.:looney:

When i asked if they would put ever out the Rival Schools manga. Zub said they could if they wanted too but the rights to do that is spit into 3 sections; Capcom, Japanese publisher, and author. Its hard to find all three and the details to that are complicated. So they could do that because its a bit more cheaper to put manga out than 2 full color comics it just take longer or it wont happen at all. That answer to cancel out half the questions in the panel.

Original stuff:

A question was asked if they would put out original work. Zub said they would like to be known for more than just their capcom comics, but not right now possibly late next year.

Other capcom comics:

Udon does know Wildstorm having the rights to make DMC and Resident Evil, and there good friends and they would help out if asked. They are bit more interested locking down final fight series to have this whole Sf universe feeling. Zub said he really wants to a megaman comic , but Dreamwave’s comic is still fresh in retailer’s mind. So thats going to wait a year or two. The also said they didn’t wan’t to over saturate the demand.

Rival Schools:

This was consider a black eye for them because the tried some thing different and it back-fired. The fans and retailers expected something to look capcomy and got something else.

Joe Mad:

Zub said that Joe was sad because he was unable to submit his stuff for the tribute book . So they gave him a reserve for the next tribute project and in talks with a few other projects.

There is more:wgrin:

By Joe Mad do u mean the artist in Hack Loeb’s Ultimates 3?

:wtf: …yeah…

wow…did u just call joe mad a hack?

dudes a big influence in america. u can basically point out american manga’s style starting point in america between antartic press and joe mad.

I think he called Loeb a hack.

Does anyone know when the next Udon comics are coming out?

Man, I would love to meet Jo Chen or Christina Chen in person. Those sisters look hot and Jo Chen’s artwork is just jaw dropping.

I’ve got my SFII Turbo comics and the new Darkstalkers artbook preordered through Diamond Comics so can’t wait for those to drop.

The next Udon comic should be SFII Turbo but I’m not sure about the release date at the moment. I’ll have to do some digging around when I get off from work but I’m sure someone else probably knows.

jo’s aged a bit…hitting that asian wall. but she’s still a cutie…she used to be hella hot to me when i first discovered her in like 2000/01…before she signed wit…ugh dreamwave.

Wildstorm has the rights to DMC? Man that’s freaking great. Dreamwave’s series was fine, except for Dante talking waaaaay too much to himself and monsters that can’t talk back… All it needed was some thought balloons or more captions. I hope now with the novels, manga and anime out there in English the next person who takes a crack at Dante in comics will get a better feel for him. Not to mention the third and fourth games too.

I honestly never cared for any of the American Resident Evil comics despite the Jim Lee covers. The comics were, about nothing… I hate to say it but that Hong Kong Code Veronica comic blew them out of the water. Yeah I know, a Hong Kong comic based on a video game that’s actually good but it was…

Though yeah, more Capcom comics is a good thing. So long as it’s not Dreamwave Mega Man bad - yikes Mega Man could fly without Rush lord - I can hang. :smile:

IIRC Devil’s Due said they had 4 Capcom franchises locked up. We know they have Bionic Commando and Lost Planet, still wondering what the other two are. Unless something went south and those went to Wildstorm. Ah well, still looking forward to more stuff. :smile:

SF Remix #0 is slated for August 27th in comic book stores. I guess after that the regular issues will start up, September the earliest.


I have a question. Are the people from UDON planning on doing anymore Exalted comics? Those four (arguably five with number 0) issues that they put out a while back were stupidly awesome but ended on a sour note.

From what they said at the NY Anime Festival last year, no because the sales were really bad. They put the last issue of the series in the TPB.


Thanks for answering my question, man. What a disappointment. Exalted is not only a fantastic pencil-and-paper RP series, but it’s also one of those settings that you could write really epic stories in.

>__< Cool beans, though. Looking forward to the SF 4 comics.

Rob Liefeld’s a big influence in America, too, but no one seems to mind when people call HIM a hack.

He’s influenced people by being a terrible artist and showing people what not to do/how to act.

There’s a big difference.