UDON presents Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki


Ibuki will be next for the Street Fighter Legends series.

Some pages show Geki and Makoto to appear.


Fuck year, especially with Dogan as penciler!
Funny how this is prob. due to Ibuki’s inclusion in SSF4 XD.


I was about to say the same thing. This only confirms Ibuki to be in SSF4, along with Makoto, more than likely.



That’s interesting that Zub is writing. His Makeshift Miracle book is really good. AND Jo Chen returns to SF! Pretty cool!


I’ve been trying to find info about the author but no dice.
What stuff has written?


Just Makeshift Miracle that I know of. Started as an online comic but you can buy it now, Udon sells it.


Jim was one of the writers on the Exalted comic series, and has recently written several short stories in the Popgun comic anthology.


I forgot about that! Thanks.


Makoto looks so cute in that panel where she’s shouting and pointing her finger at her laughing classmates.:lovin::lovin:

Elena should also make an appearance as she’s also a high school student.

If this storyline occurred in the SF2 era, we could have had an all schoolgirl brawl.

Ibuki vs. Makoto vs. Elena vs. Sakura vs. Karin vs. Hinata vs. Natsu vs. Kei (as we’ve seen in SF Legends: Sakura #4, Kei can take care of herself).


is it me or is the Legend series all female based


It’s female based so far, but they may make ‘male’-centric stories in the future =3


And i’m just fine with that. :tup:


I can’t wait for this series. The piece with Makoto already has me hype, so I’m glad more exposure will be given to the SFIII side of things, such as their characters.

Wonder if Oro will appear, trying to pull off some fast ones like he did if I remember correctly, in his quotes for SFIII.


Wow, I hope Oro appears. He can test fight Ibuki at the end of the Ibuki series so that she can pass her test on becoming a ninja like in the canon! Oro will become upset at first when he thought she was looking for a date LOL

(This is the perfect place for this to happen and I really hope Udon takes note, but knowing them, they already have!)

Thanks Matt and Udon again for all your incredible work in making this happen!

SF III characters to appear so far-

SF III characters yet to appear-

Exactly halfway there!

Can’t wait to see NECRO and all the rest! Thanks again, Udon! My favorite comic series EVER!



Where is the Final Fight mini-series I was promised like a year ago, Udon?


Maybe they’ll have the FF series shortly after the release of SSFIV.

UDON is gonna want to take advantage of the wave! SFIII series along with Ibuki mini AND FF series would be too much… and I’ll accept that :smiley:


UDON didn’t actually promise a Final Fight series. We said that if there was enough support for the two issues of SF2Turbo where the Final Fight cast showed up that we’d look into doing a Final Fight mini-series.

That’s it. That’s all we’ve said.

We didn’t commit to doing one and definitely didn’t give it a time line for releasing a series.


So how did the support on those two issues go then?


While the individual issue sales are in, we still have to see how well the trade paperbacks sell before making decisions on new series. So it’ll be a bit before we see how well the new round of trades sells.

-UDON Matt


Either I forgot or I honestly had no idea you had an SRK account. Thanks for posting man! You signed my Makeshift Miracle book at a New York con a few of years ago. :smile: