Udon Publishing RIVAL SCHOOLS


Udon Publishing RIVAL SCHOOLS
Thread started: 05/22/04 at 3:42 pm

i just want to get the word out here. because Dreamwave seems to neglect to tell us fans.


dont wait for DW to confirm. because they never confirm anythign here in the forums.

Is this true Udoneko?:eek: Please be True:D


what? what now?



Unless I hear the words (or subtle hinting :wink: ) from Udoneko’s mou-- err… keyboard. I don’t believe it for a second.


maybe that is the suprise that udon is holding for us, something about they are working on a new project and when they tell us, we will be happy to know or something. If they did get Rival school then they have successfully managed to make me go more broke…o well, no matter but i did kind of enjoy playing rival school and the story line was pretty cool


Nope, the BIG secret project that delays us on SF is NOT Rival School nor Darkstalkers.




Oo Mortal kombat haha. I just found out the secret project is Guilty Gear. You can’t hide forever.


I thought that the big project was Capcom related? Isn’t Guilty Gear Sammy?


Ok you got me take me away. I had no idea what I was saying. Haha.


So far we know the Udon’s secret project is not -

  1. X-Men vs. Street Fighter or any Marvel vs. Capcom Crossover Comic.

  2. Rival Schools Comic

  3. Darkstalkers Comic

Gosh Darn it, the suspense is killing me!:eek:


hmmm could it be a really good streetfighter comic!!! with alvin lee, arnold tsang for the whole issue?


Its a far strech but I remember there were rumours that DW were going to do a Zelda comic. If Udon have gotten RS and DS from them its possible they aquired other items too.

I know Zelda isn’t by Capcom but they have made Zelda games for the GB/GBA.



Maybe it’s Vewtiful Joe… now that would be a cool comic.


Wow. A guilty Gear comic would be so fuckin advanced. I don’t think they could do it. But it’s something I would like to see.

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