Udon SDCC Capcom merchandise for sale @ HeroFix

For those of you who can’t make it to the show, HeroFix.com has a limited quantity of them set aside.

Go to http://www.herofix.com/HeroFixComics/index.asp to order them.

Thanks.Just ordered the Shin Akuma bust.

Same here. Limited supplies, better hurry before they are gone (like ruppsworld).


It’s been up for a few days now.

Ruppsworld sold out? I thought it was just them doing the normal listings but not actually saying it’s release but saying it’s “Out of Stock” when they haven’t sold any yet. That’s what they did with the door posters.

Anyway, I’ve ordered the the bust and both books. They said I’d be getting them for sure, so woo, no need to worry.

They wont ship until 1 or 2 weeks after the convention though…I hope the shipping charge is not high either…

Thanks! I got the two SF Eternal Hardcovers, the Shin Gouki Bust (Yes! Shin Gouki over regular Gouki, YES! I wonder if he’ll have the CVS2/CFE Kanji on his back…) and the SF 14th Fan Edition Issue (Um, hope there’s some Convention sketches in here?) Man, 280 bucks… Credit is good! :karate:

Did anybody get their Eternal Challenge artbook yet from Herofix yet?

I am getting slightly worried. Herofix.com is legit right ?

…what is Exalted doing in the Street Fighter pile? and answer me this:

I have every issue of Street Fighter story-wise and I am looking forward to getting EC and Series 3 Gouki action figure. Does this make me a good fan or bad fan?

I haven’t got anything yet. Heck, my brother still hasn’t been e-mailed about shipping.

Maybe they all got drunk after the convention and got amnesia…

I haven’t recieved anything either.

Problem is that I’ve paid upfront via paypal. I hope they will come through.

Everyone’s paid…PayPal is instant so the money is gone as soon as you confirm. It kind of suck in this situation since the items are expensive but meh, what can you do?

Things will be shipped soon. We have to send back all the stuff from San Diego, and it got stuck in customs a little bit longer than expect. George has picked up his stuff and I am sure you will be getting the packages soon.

Sweet. Here’s hoping he forgets to e-mail some people for shipping…I would so love that!

Just got mine today without being charged customs so WOOOO!

Unfortunately the bust was broken. Thankfully though, it was just Shin Akuma’s belt so its just a matter of using superglue which shoudln’t even be noticable.

The Shinkiro cover book came with some minor scuffs, but nothing I should I moan about.

Over all the stuff is great…minus the space the books take up and their weight.

Now I just need to buy some superglue. I knew I shouldn’t have thrown awayt he previous tube.

In another words, your products came to you damaged? correct?

Pretty much, but nothing major (minus the bust) to bother sending back since they’re still pretty mint with extremely minor scuffs (one of the books has no scuffs).

Got charged shipping today aswell. $87!! Bloody expensive or what! It’s mainly due to the weight of the two books so I guess it was to be expected. The entire thing comes to like 190. Ouch, ouch, ouch! I need to get a weekend job badly! Next month is going to be havoc with Advent Children! Urgh, my weekly allowance will have to do for the time being.

Does anyone know anywhere other than eBay to get the SDCC exclusive Cannonspike Cammy figure from Sota ?

HAHahah Cheers, Euros…I could get SF:EC from Amazon for 36 USD :smiley: :hs: :3k:

Try going to their website http://www.sotatoys.com/prod_excl.htm

Or try www.amazingtoyz.com

They also have other Cammy varient colors.

I got charged shipping yesterday by E-Mail, I coughed up 23 more bucks through Paypal and I just recieved my package today. I’m at work so I haven’t had a chance to fully inspect everything but all seems in order. I’ll check it out tonight.