Udon SDCC Capcom merchandise for sale @ HeroFix

Okay, my two hardcover books came in fine but my Shin Akuma’s belt was broken too, so I’ll need super glue too. Overall happy with my goodies though!

How was the belt broken?

Mine was just the two dangley bits that broke off. It was a flat break so easy to put back on. It looks brand new and no one will ever know it broke if I were to sell it.

It broke right after the knot with the two parts stuck together.

I was kind of hoping this figure would turn out to be the Shin Gouki(Akuma) of CVS2 and CFJ with that Kanji on his back… I’d love it if Udon made a special edition of that Shin Gouki painted in more or a red tint like he has is in those games.

It was cool that Shinkiro signed both of the hardcovers on the inside, not a copy, actual signatures, nice! The hardcovers are overall great, now to compare them to the soft cover and read them back to back for comparisons, unleast until I fall into a deep sleep…

However about the fan issue of issue # 14, it’s cover is that of the ‘SF Paper’ everyone got their SF sketches on, but what’s the point of this without an actual sketch on it? I mean, I love collecting covers and all but this one sort of takes the cake. Back cover is nice with all the drawings of the various holo covers, sort of reminds me of the last issue of the Hong Kong SVC Chaos comic that featured all of it’s covers on the back of the last issue, mostly because the coloring quality is a bit alike but different. But back on the SF #14 Fan Appreciation Edition, I was thinking at the very least it would come with copies of some of the sketches at the show or something. Well, if Studio Udon ever decides to come to New York (COUGH COUGH Digital Life Show on October 14-16 and bring Capcom please I kid I kid unless you wanna do it…) or if I ever manage to get my ish together and go to San Diego next year I’ll be sure to bring that cover for a sketch.

EDIT: Did you happen to get Exalted #0? I wasn;t messing with that, curious to what it’s like though.

$25 for a blank cover…that sucks!

Nope, didn’t get Exalted. Don’t actually care about it.