Udon Street Fighter TPB question


Hello, I’m new to this forum and I had a quick question that I was wishing someone on this board could answer for me. I have the Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition TPB, all four of the Legends: Sakura issues, and all the current Street Fighter II issues. What I was wondering is am I missing anything with these new graphic novels that are coming out like the Street Fighter Legends Volume 1: Sakura TPB or the Street Fighter Volume 3: Fighter’s Destiny TPB or are they just straight reprinted collections?



Welcome to SRK! :smile:

Coming out? Both of them came out a few weeks back.

Sakura TPB has a guide with all of the character appearances and cameos in the book like that of Skullomania’s appearance, extra drawings and sketches by Omar Dogan and Dogan explains how he creates a cover and a comic book page, very cool!

The SF TPB has the Powerfoil images of Karin, E.Honda, and Juni with Juli in it since the Powerfoils for those books will never see the light of day.


Thanks for the quick reply and welcome, I may have to look out the Sakura TPB.



I also have a question to add though, is the SAKURA TPB similar to the Ultimate Collection in which all the covers (backup stories if any) are collected? I don’t want to miss anything when I buy it.


Yes all the covers were collected. There were never any backup stories to begin with. They included the Karin preview story that appeared in the Street Fighter comic series.

The only thing you are missing from the singles are the interviews with the staff, each issue had one. Oh and in the last one we fans turned around and asked questions, 2 of my questions under the name “Sano” made it into issue 4. :lovin:

But as far as artwork, covers and stuff the TPB is not missing anything.