Udon, what's the good word on Final Fight?

Don’t know if enough time has passed for Sakura Legends to know how well it did but…

I was wondering if there was a clear yes or no on Final Fight happening yet?

well they said if it did close to the same numbers as the main book they would

sakura legends did very very very close to the numbers of the main book before it went to a second printing so if they are basing it off the numbers of the first book then I think we will see it

but they may be looking at the numbers of all 4 issues so I am hoping to god we see a finale fight book

We did very well with SFL:Sakura. If the sales numbers
[COLOR=“White”]“continue to rise” during the series, then we’ll see about Final Fight.
I am very pleased with the results thus far. Well deserved too.
The book is fantastic![/COLOR]