UDON why is RS in black and white?

I found the rival schools issue #1 in my comic store and was very surprised that it was in black and white.

Was there any reason behind this?

Thank you in advance for your response.

Maybe they are going for something more manga style? Or perhaps they are just too cheap to color it.


Too cheap to colour is my thought as well. That, and if they did colour it it’d mean another delay, and they already know they’re bad at releasing things on schedule as it is.

>__> sin city style …on a high school adventure ???

When the book was first announced, it was decided that it would be black and white. Rey’s previous titles Sharknife and Peng were also black and white, which may have influenced the decision.

Udon’s color printing machine broke down, thats why we have black and white rival school issue.

Pretty much. It was announced that it was going to be B&W back in, what? November? October?

The original reason given, I think, was to keep the price down while making it double sized.

lostphrak- you are correct.

RS was facing some budget issues, so I proposed the idea of making it B&W to cut costs, and since we didn’t have elaborate colors to worry about, we could go ahead and make it double-sized. more room for fighting!!! and yes, i’m used to working in the format.

it’s not a question of udon being “cheap”, because they really are not. of all the comic publishers i’ve worked with, udon is definitely the most elaborate, and willing to spend money where it needs to be spent. for RS though, it just wasn’t practical.

some of (if not all) the best comics of our time are in black and white. berserk, death note, naruto, sin city, dragon ball z, etc. the best comics worldwide are in black and white-- color in comics as a commodity is something unique only to America. colors are really a “treat”, not something that need to be in EVERY comic. although i greatly like colored comics (and want to do some of my own someday), i’d rather have 40 bulky balls-out pages rather than a few pretty colored ones. just my opinion tho.

Rey pretty much sums it up.

What surprised me A LOT is that we have gone through this when RS was first announced. Why is it BW, why is it not colored. Some of you said you will never buy a BW book. Those are all that we have gone thru.

Seeing how you guys are so against BW books, I guess I should stop pursuing the rights to reprint other SF comics from Japan…

There’s nothing wrong with black and white comics, people. It’s a classic art form, and way cheaper to print.

Also, just because a book is black and white does not make it “sin city style.”

looks like your sarcasm meter is not working >__>

Hey man, we all know sarcasm doesn’t work too well with text. I wasnt upset or anything; just sayin’ though, there are a lot good black and white comics out there other than Sin City. :wgrin:

The Ryu Final, SF Zero and Sakura Ganbare series are all examples that SF doesn’t need to be in colour. They are excellent works, and I’d love to have translations of these to go along with the original raw manga I have.

im cool with black and white and i cant wait to read ryu’s final and sf zer manga dont stop man keep fighting :wink:
by the way when is the next sf coming

No. There’s nothing wrong with black and white IMHO as long as it’s done right. As I said before there’s plenty of what is dubbed “Ameri-Manga” that does this horribly. Everything is white, no variation in line weight, no grays, no blacks, so much so that even comic strips look better. And how some of these people who shall go unnamed even dare to put out a “how to ink manga” book is beyond me when if you look at manga it is inked a bajillion times better than those books. In Japan they may not play around with the line weight as much as the West does (though that is creeping up more and more into manga, and suprisingly anime too) but it’s faaar better than B&W Ameri-manga. Some of the usual Ameri-manga suspects are in color now, well they really need color, just because their version of B&W blows.

This thankfully isn’t the case with Rival Schools which was one of my initial worries. Black and white is fine so long as it’s done right, like Rival Schools is being done.

I strongly recomend everyone look into both of the Batman black and white trade paper backs for some of the best Batman mini stories ever. Kia Asamiya’s Batman manga is excellent too.

OT: Whatever happened to the SF Kia Asamiya Chun-Li cover and SF back up story? I know he was sick before and later had catching up to do when he got better, but will this ever happen?

Back on topic - Lots of people have been waiting for SF mangas to come out in English, especially Ryu Final for years, we don’t even have a scanlation of it. You shouldn’t punish all of us just for a few nay sayers. I would think idealy that you should see how the Onimusha manga is recieved first and go along with that, or even see how well RS sells, but I’m not running a business or anything so what do I know…

Lots of luck in whatever you decide and I will continue to support you as best I can. :tup:

Keep pursuing however you can please. B&W grumblers don’t know what they’re missing, especially if they’ve never seen at least Nakahira-sensei’s work. I can’t believe this, but even doujins were made off of his own manga episodes because they’re so well liked.

Man I love the BW Street Fighter mangas and have lot’s of them but I wouldn’t ever buy a Rival Schools comic no matter how colored it is. I think you shouldn’t underestimate the fact that SF fans outnumber RS fans. Almost anybody has played SF once but Rival Schools isn’t that famous. I have a RS artbook but never played any of them.

RYU FINAL In English?!?!

I’d have a joygasum if I could pick this title up! I think you guys are doing a fantastic job with the Capcom titles. Don’t let a few bad posts from picky fans spoil it for you guys.

And Udon, Cheap? I don’t think so…

I think people should get over the fact that it’s in black and white and just celebrate that there is even a Rival Schools comic! Can you think of any other comic company that would have so much dedication to it’s fans that it’d release a comic book based on two games that were hardly played by anyone.

I was surprised to see the number of people who think UDON are cheap because of a BW Rival Schools. If they were, they probably wouldn’t pursued the license for it to start of with.

In fact, out of all other comic book companies, I’d say that UDON are the complete opposite of cheap. They’re fans trying to cater for fans and that’s whats important to remember. Sure it was weird that RS was first solicited as BW but its understandable considering the difference in popularity between it and Street Fighter. UDON really wanted to get this comic out and the only way to do that to economically support themselves while providing to die-hard fans was to go down the BW route.

Its a tough business with most of the market being dominated by DC and Marvel, UDON are doing the best they can and more by communicating with us directly on a regular basis.

I definately enjoyed reading RS #1. Sure it had some faults IMO (the half shadowed spread of Kyosuke looked a little strange to me) but I enjoyed the grey shading of the art so kudos to rey (and keep at it :slight_smile: ).

I’m a big fan of Japanese manga from Bleach to Death Note to Eyeshield 21 and I would definately buy at least RYU FINAL and other SF manga titles to add to my bookshelf.