Udon: Will the SF comic end? (as in complete)

As what I said in the title, will the SF comic come to a complete and full ending? I was wondering because although the official canon story progresses in chunks, it does have ends to each part.

Although it won’t be anytime soon, I’m asking this because I wouldn’t want to see the SF2 storyline drag on and on la Spawn. It would be good to see the character’s stories be resolved, and then move on…


but on a serious note, again, it won’t be anytime soon, but have you asked Capcom about a SF3 comic?

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it.

We do have the rights to SF3 as well.

the “pre SF3” story will come to an end and conclude before we move onto SF3. If anything, a lot of you are suggesting that we are moving things too fast in the current story line. So we are already planning on slowing down a little bit (just a little, not super dragging, so don’t worry) to put more detail and focus on the different characters in the Alpha/SF2 era.

We are looking at probably 10-12 issues or so before this arc will end. Then it will be a 10 to 12 issue Tourny arc before we will wrap up and move to SF3. That is the plan for now anyway. Of coz, subjected to change pending on sales and other issues…

To those who has been worrying about our license expiring in 3 years and we have to rush things, let me tell you that we just did extended our license to a 5 year deal with Capcom. So as long as you guys are still into supporting us, we will be sticking around for quite some time!!

Great news! 5 years means almost 60 issues!Man,I wan just thinking after reading the awesome issue that is number 9 that I didn’t want the alpha series to end to soon! I want the characters to develop more.The dolls,Gen,Blanka RAINBOW MIKA!! more Honda and Zangief and more Karin.The final fight guys should come in somehow too. I can wait but can’t wait for the third strike storyarc at the same time.As bad as I want to see Necro,Twelve,Oro,Elena,Hugo and especially Q,I can wait awhile just to see everything that leads up to the street fighter 2 tourney.I wonder who wins?Could it have been Guile,Chun Li,or maybe someone else? I will hate to see Sakura go,but hopefully she will be in many more issues to come.Keep up the good work,udoneko,and I will keep supporting!

thats great news udoneko

you’ve got tons of supporting here…

sounds like street fighter is about to get real interesting

Horray for another few years before SF3.

Yeah, much love for udon comics.


Thats basically what i wanted to hear. Issue 8 was starting to look good (plot-wise). If things keep going like that, itll be fine.

YEAH! The comic is GREAT all around, but the thing i was getting a bit worried over was the speed you guys were going through the story. I’m glad to hear you are going to really linger on the characterizations… andi like dragging, but i also want the comic to go on forever, so dragging would hurt.

ah well, anyways excellent job with issue 9!!!

looking forward to 10

This is all wonderful news! Sounds great!

This is really good news.I can,t wait till see how things are going to be in the future.Good luck udon!

5 Years! HOOORAY!!!

Definately great ot hear. I look forward to collecting this series for a long time. It’s been going great so far and I only see myself loving it more as it grows. Thanks Udon!

So the first arc where we saw Bison (Vega) die (SFA3) ended after 6 issues. The rest of Alpha/pre SF2 tourny then continues for 12 issues after this, bringing us up to 18 issues. Another 12 for the actual SF2 tourny which makes 30. This leaves us with 30 issues for post SF2/SF3. Thats a lot for the later half of Street Fighter dont you think. I believe I suggested this before but would it be an idea to go back to earlier issues and show extra storyline. e.g. Chun-li teaming up with Charlie before she meets Guile. You could then have the story coming in at certain places that were seen in the earlier issues. You could also follow other characters instead as well. Any views?

Mohammed Ali

I also think that it would be great to include a pre-Street Fighter Alpha arc (Street Fighter 1 and previous events) and if it’s possible a Street Fighter EX arc. (Or you can also do instead sonme special issues explaining that events). I think that 5 years is a lot of time and all can fit in it.

I hope that the sales will go fine, 5 years of your SF comics would be great!

P.S.: And if Capcom said that they release Street Fighter IV in 2007/2008, then … :smiley:

A 5 year deal sounds great, I just hope that quality isn’t diluted by adding DS and RS to the mix. 2 more books to worry about can be kind of hectic, but I will continue to support all 3 no matter what. Gotta represent the VG crossovers into other media, know what I mean?
Now if only they made another SF movie…

u know, i never saw the 1st street fighter movie.
is it any good?

If you pick up the new Anniversary Edition, you get the first movie on it. And yeah, it’s a classic. Everyone remembers the Chun Li vs Vega fight. :wink:

oh, the anime movie.

i was thinking of the john claude van dam movie.

An idea for Udon (if you want to shut up everyone whining about no SF3 yet…):

When Viz got the manga rights to Dragon Ball, they started both at issue one and at the beginning of “Dragon Ball Z” (vol. 17) because, as you know, for a long time DBZ was the “in” thing with the kids.

You could start an SF3 comic and release that alongside the SFII comic…

However, that would mean lowered quality for both… I would rather you guys take your time to get to SF3.

Or just release a special issue of nothing but fights between the various SF characters. Have an online voting poll to see who should win and then release it. (And watch all the SF-related boards get bombarded with gay… “Crouching Fierce beats everything, LOL!”)

Personally, I think you guys are doing a great job. You’re the only monthly book I pick up anymore. (It’s all about TPBs, baby…)