Udon, would you reveal the SF that Bison fought in SF2 before Akuma interfed in SF2?

Udon, would you reveal the SF that Bison fought in SF2 before Akuma interfed?

I’m just wondering if you’ll be going with the details as to who will fight whom and who would beat whom in the upcoming SF2 storyline after SFA.

I’m curious to the answer to this question myself, but I kind of don’t want that much given away this early.

Speculation: This is gonna be tricky. Personally, I think that Guile and/or Chun Li and/or Charlie will be fighting Bison, while Gouki will be fighting Ryu with or without Ken.

Anyway, we won’t have to worry about this at all as the SF2 storyline won’t be wrapped up until issue #12.

Now that I think about it, Udon could at least touch on Guile, Charlie & Chun Li’s problems with Bison enough so that Ryu could win the SF2 tourney, face Bison, and then Gouki pops out and kills Bison.

Also, Rose & Gen won’t show up until “SF2”… Which is weird… but whatever, it’s a good book.

I don’t think whoever Udon chooses to be the SFer to go up against Bison would be the actual one in the actual official canon to have done so, anyways.

but doesn’t ryu fight Akuma in #6?

The Beginning. In this blisteringly action-packed issue, Ryu finally faces Goukens murderer, Akuma, in battle and soon discovers a side of himself that his Master had always feared would one day awaken. Ryus goal to avenge his master is finally within his grasp, but how can he hope to defeat a seemingly invincible monster without becoming a monster himself? Through the battle, Ryu learns much about himself and must decide what price he is willing to pay to have his vengeance.

Meanwhile, Chun-Li and Guile, still recuperating from their fight with Bison, must decide how to respond to the shocking facts that the battle left them pondering, while Ken receives a life-altering revelation of his own that forces him to reevaluate his life. Whatever the outcomes of Chun-Li, Guile, Ken and Ryus plights, there are only two certainties–that each of their paths are leading them to the upcoming Street Fighter Tournament and that theyve only just begun their journeys.

but doesn’t Guile go up agaisnt Bison in #5?

Guile and Chun-Li must not only face and fight the man they once knew as Charlie, but also the man responsible for their pain and suffering M. Bison! Guile and Chun-Li appear to finally have the man theyve been seeking right where they want him, but soon discover that Bison wields a weapon neither of them had anticipatedthe mysterious and destructive force known as Psycho Power. Will they manage to overcome this power, or will Bison make them slaves to it?

Meanwhile, Akuma, the manor perhaps monsterresponsible for the death of Ryu and Kens master, finally comes face to face with them. Much like Bison, Akuma is keenly interested in Ryu, but for what, remains a mystery. Does he hope to destroy Ryu as he did Gouken, or does he wish to perhaps offer Ryu a forbidden fruit that his master had always kept hidden from him

But it would be the one to have gone up against Bison in the Udon Comic canon… :wink:

Anyway, I haven’t checked out the Canon FAQ (too lazy to write out storyline… wait, I just did… D’oh!) in a while, so I don’t know who actually did bring down Bison. I would place my bets on Chun Li though. Urien hints as much in Third Strike…

Guile is the leading candidate to win the SF2 Tourney, with Chun-Li being second. Chun-Li is credited with taking down Shadaloo, but Shadaloo really fell after SFZ3. After that event, there were no Dolls, no Psycho Drive, no four lords of Shadaloo and Vega was a hell of a lot weaker. The Shadaloo in SF2 was on it’s last legs.

All endings in SF2 can happen without Vega being beaten by every character accept Guile. Also, Capcom confirms that he goes back to his family and for that to happen his ending needs to happen.

Gouki does kill Vega, but he wasn’t registered for the Tourney. Prolly kills Vega after Guile beats him.

But Studio Udon will not get a single complaint from me if they decide to have Ryu kick everybody’s butt 'cuz he’s my Fav, LOL!

I thought the four lords of Shadowlaw were Balrog, Vega, Sagat & Bison (M.Bison, Balrog, Sagat, & Vega). They were in SF2. [/Nitpicking gheyness]

Anyway, apparently we don’t get SF4 until Friday… :frowning:

Ah well, if I waited this long…:smiley:

Capcom retconned that so now Sagat is no longer a Lord of Shadaloo in SF2. He was a member briefly during SFZ, left to train for a bit and was disgusted by Ryu being brainwashed by Vega that caused him to leave. Sagat’s been changed into a man of Honor and an Eternal Rival for Ryu, kind of like Kyo and Iori - Neither has a clean win over the other. Ryu won the first fight only because of Satsui No Hadou, and Sagat won the second time because Ryu was brainwashed by Vega and not fighting at his best.