UDON - You guys should get the Transformers license

Now that Dreamwave is belly up, you guys should get your hands on this license. You guys would do an awesome job.


Yes, they would, but I think they should focus on the Capcom titles. I mean, it will be hard enough making 3 titles consistently good, and then you throw Transformers in the mix…

Personally, I would like it if someone picked up the license and picked up where Dreamwave left off.

Some already picked up the TF license. But it seems they are not going to use us to do the art.

whats currently holding this company up ( josh ) from making the announcement official?

AFAIK It’s Devil’s Due. Which currently holds the licenses for both G.I. Joe (Which works out great. G.I. Joe & Transformers belong together…) and the Capcom books.

Think: We’ve seen X-Men vs. Street Fighter, what about Transformers vs. Street Fighter! Or having Guile or Delta Red show up in G.I. Joe?

Zolter: Lord Bison, I have news…
Bison: What is it Zolter?
Zolter: I think you need to see this…
(Outside Shadaloo HQ)
Megatron: Hear me, flesh creatures! I am Megatron!
Bison: Hmmm…

Devils Due only holds the license to GI Joe and the Joe VS Trans books. The Capcom licenses are signed by UDON, not Devils Due.

IDW is doing transformers.

check the front page of www.allspark.com

I so hated the crossover of gi joe and transformers and I am a fan of both just not together

But A street fighter and gi joe crossover I would just be so happy . It doesnt make any sence to me to have a TF crossover with Gi joe why cant we have one that is believable like SF and JOE

I don’t think anyone can live up to Dreamwave’s volume 1 and volume 2 story arcs done by Pat Lee… just the way he draws em… hot damn… theys too good~ Ahaha… anyway… I’d think it’d be unwise for Udon to pick up the TF licence… they’d be over extending themselves. Another thing is… I’d be a bit superstitious about picking up the TF licence as practically half of Udon broke away from Dreamwave… I mean who wants sloppy seconds? LOL

Personally, I’d prefer it if Udon picked up the TF license. Their art style is as close as it gets to Pat Lee’s and Don Figeuroa’s. I’ve seen some of the art IDW is pushing for their TF comic and it sucks.

Hey Udon, any chance of talking Marvel into doing an X-Men Vs. Street Fighter/Marvel Vs. Capcom book? I’ve been waiting for that happen for years!

While Transformers G1 V3 was shaping up to be awesome with the return of Megatron and Prime, Pat Lee is a fucking asshole and all the rest of the Dreamwave comics SUCKED ASS.

Die, Pat Lee! Die, die, die die, die, DIE!!!

Haha, why is pat an asshole?
I got a shitload of sketches and he signed practically my entire TF comic collection. He seemed to be a pretty swell guy.

Guess he’s more than meets the eye. He seemed cool when I met him, too, but…

Probably why Dreamwave did as well as it did, if he was like that to everyone he dealt with. Probably got them pretty far.

LBD “Nytetrayn”