Udoneko,please Tell Us When Darkstalkers # 7 Is Coming Out

Man,its been forever since darkstalkers and shouldn’t it be coming back soon with the second arc? Could Udoneko or someone let the fans know when it will be baCK? And will there not be too many more delays when the second arc kicks off?thanks in advance

It’s con season now.
Just settle down and be patient. I’m sure they’ll be making some annoucements in the near future.

I’m pretty sure Eko is dead. Either that or he just didn’t feel like answering my email. :frowning:

Yeah, it’s not like he’s the head of a multi-media studio or anything.

Who’s upset? and be patient??!!what nerve do you have to say that? I think we have all been pretty patient and I can be alot more patient if I just knew WHEN it was coming back.I love the series and street fighter and not knowing when we will see the next issues and the delays are killing me. I will never drop the comics but I wish they would be more regular.

You’re right, I was totally out of line.
Commense freaking out and see how that works out for you…

I’ll say it slower for you.

It’s con season.
Stay tuned.

hey DICKHEAD.Take your garbage elsewhere.I know its con time but I would like to know when darkstalkers will return.just a question.and you have helped in no way but being a DICKHEAD,but that’s cool because I pay it no mind.Just take it elsewhere because I have no time for little children.

Hey Apathy,word of advice,I know you like defending the comics like I do, but acting like an ass is not going to help.Peple get impatient because they love the comic and it has been a very long while since we have seen or heard of darkstalkers.even if Erik is too busy to make an announcement(which is very understandable) it would be nice if he had someone else do it,comic sites,etc. whatever.But I do know from last I heard both street fighter and darkstalkers are doing well and will continue until they finish the all the story arcs(atleast the plan).

the delays are bad, but it shouldn’t matter as long as we keep getting them.Delays don’t bother me that much but I am scared others get all pissy over it and drop the comics.Hopefully everyone will understand that they have been very busy and have alot to work on. I do look forward to each and every issue of both comics and it would be nice if we can get both of them atleast 5 or 6 times a year.

You need to take one of this pills or something. :rolleyes:

I’m sorry if my logic is offending you.
It’s con season, there’s going to be lots of high profile announcements.
He’s not going to spill the beans to some random on a message board.
Any response you get will be some form of: “we have some big things planned and will be announcing them soon”.

So sit back, take some nice, relaxing pills and keep your eye on the message boards at Newsarama and the like.

PS: Grow up.:rofl:

See above.
I was nice until he started getting stupid.

Anyways, I’m not defending anything.
It’s logic, if they’re going to announce something that big, it’ll be on a con floor or in a press release.

Understood. hopefully soon we hear something,and I agree that when the time is right we will get some kind of big announcement(hopefully:wonder: )

hasnt it been 3 months since the last street fighter issue came out? im already fed up with the release of these newer issues cause its taking way too long to come out. SF comics havent even reach the high points of the series yet and its been about 1 and half year since it comics came out unless they came out earlier than that then its longer.

when i watch initial d 4th stage project d the anime, every 2 new episode comes out about 1 1/2 month apart from each other and thats a pain in the ass to wait for. the anime had 24 episodes all together and it took 2years to show them all.

i dont want to wait 10yrs just to see makoto make an appearance cause by then, i’ll be married with kids and wont even give a damn about the street figher series anymore. whatever is holding up udons company better be a good excuse cause at this rate, it’ll be about 3yrs before we even get to see rose fight bison or the end of street fighter 2 for a matter of fact.

when you guys say that waiting isnt that bad at all, think again and think hard cause waiting does effect the comics storyline all together.

OK… guys… chill.

Sorry I have not been around. It has been extremely busy for me the last few weeks starting from Ny con and then catching up with a lot of things as well as helping our Korean partners relaunch their operations. There’s a lot going on in the background that you guys will probably never gotta see. Also in negotiation with Capcom for licensing renewals and stuff too.

For now, I am not sure what the status of DS is. We planned on getting it out sometime in the summer with a creative team set, but the penciller pulled out stating personal reasons so we are now back to square one… with no suitable artist on the project yet again. Sorry to be bring in the bad news for DS fans, but you know we care about the quality very much and we wanna assure that when the book comes out, it will be a good product that is worth your money!

I will update you when I have more news.

I think it’s been about a three or four weeks actually.

This thread was funny before it got serious. Anyway…What does the “penciller” do…This aint Alvin, is it? I’ll drop all the comics (and I’ve invested ALOT!) if Alvin leaves.

Also, what are these $99 Alvin Lee sketches on club udon? Why are there no images?

Oww, that stings. DS is now “indefinitely delayed”. Take all the time you can to get thing straighten out. Usually the books are worth it.

Nice to hear from you again Udoneko. That’s too bad about DS being delayed. Hope you find the right artist for the comic, Alvin Lee’s not an easy act to follow so take the time you need to find the right person. Can’t wait to hear future updates regarding anything Studio Udon is up to.

While I like Darkstalkers as much as the next guy, I think another important question is if we’re ever going to see a Street Fighter II #3

I see pics; they’re pretty sweet. If I had some more money lying around, I’d totally buy one. They have Chun-Li, Sagat, Evil Ryu and Cammy.

Yeah, pictures have recently been put up. They’re smaller than the lithos and 4x as expensive. But at least it will keep the guys that wanted original artwork happy!

That cammy one looks TIGHT!