UDON's next gig

So before I can tell anyone about the Capcom Comics…

Check this out in the mean time -



looks nice too bad im brainwashed by wizards of the coast to hat it :wink:

and hopefully, we can de-brainwash you somehow! LOL!

and here is part 2 -


more to come!

Is Rival Schools now completely out of the window?

Yeah i would like to know that too. :karate:

my quick answer - no.

In the mean time, please support this Exalted project too.

These articles are interesting. I was curious on how license were acquired and how across company collaborations came about and this article answered a lot of questions.

so are u guys doing 4 series right now? sf, ds, exhalted and cannon busters?

I have a question to ask will you guys still being doing the covers for the Exalted books.