UDON's NY Comicon 06 Webpage

Just a reminder now that we’re less than a week away:

Check it out

Hope to see you there!


Coming to NYC Sfdevotion? That’s cool. Hope I get ta meet ya!

See you guys there this weekend. Woohoo.

Oh man. I want one of those Eternal Challange hardcovers. Anyone want to pick one up for me? :smiley:

why can’t they do a convention in the uk

It would be nice if Alvin could get his vote in at the devotion contest before this con starts…

We’re hoping to reach a decision at the convention since
the team can all discuss it together. Hope to see you guys there!

excited… and kevin lau is going to be there… it didn’t even register until now… xin crew sketch=dope

Yeah, actually the whole Xin crew will be there. I miss writing XIN…

You know I’m buying that Ryu and Chun-Li art board! And the Cammy and Felicia door posters since I didn’t get them before! I can’t wait!

So, any idea what booth number Udon will have? I definitly want to visit Studio Udon first thing I do.

We are at booth 166!

See you all there!


Thanks man! Seven hours to go… can’t wait! This con is going to be freaking huge! They will be screening Ultimate Avengers cartoon today and Robotech Shadow Chronicles tomorrow, I am so psyched! :nunchuck:

Word…I’ll be there today to. I cannot wait…HEH…

But morrigan and lilith aren’t sisters x_x (haven’t read the comics yet, will soon though) but that’s awesome!

Oh man…that was cool…Alvin Lee did a skecth of Sean for me…and I got most of my SF comics signed too…going back tomorrow for more madness…

Day 1 done. I got my most my Alvin lee early works signed. Alvin was spazzing out when he saw his Banished Knights#1:looney: . I also had him draw the Updated (streetwise) Cody for me. The rest of the udon guys wanted Omar to do it, because Alvin swamp with scetches, but since I brought some reference of the game I guess he wanted to do it.

Also, That Alvin Lee portfoilo package is worth avery penny.

I Heard Sano was there, and Dragonlance. If anyone saw me I was one of two black twins, and i was a wearing a yankee cap.

On to Day 2

Sammuaiblade - I did see Alvin Lee drawing you the Cody FF Streetwise sketch, I didn’t know it was for you! We just missed each other!

It was great meeting Erik Ko, Ken Siu-Chong, Omar Dogan and Sfdevotion! All of them are really nice and very cool in person. Also Dragonthebomb who I hung out with most of the time and meeting Gain was neat too! Ken Siu-Chong, Omar Dogan and Alvin Lee were bugging out when I brought out their Marvel Mangaverse Avengers comic from way back when, they looked up a picture and remembered when they had to get reference for drawing a vehicle in that book! Got them to sign that and SF1, SF2 1, DS 1, a Deadpool issue Alvin Lee drew with Dazzler on the cover and Omar Dogan signed Robotech Shadow Chronicles 1. I bought the Arcadia magazine cover of Ryu and Ingrid, I wasn’t sure who drew that cover Arnold Tsang or Alvin Lee, but Erik Ko told me it was Tsang, at the very least I had Erik Ko sign it since he’s the main man behind Udon!

Bought the Alvin Lee portfolio package, the Cammy and Felicia door posters, and I got a great Chun-Li sketch from Omar Dogan and a Ryu sketch from Alvin Lee, my two favorite characters, I’m good to go!

As usual I saw a lot of people I went to college with there but I was suprised to see someone from High School!

Met Ale Garza too, complimented him on his Sakura and Karin back up in SF!

Found out that they are making a Smurfs animated movie in the near future from the Smurfs booth, yeeeikes…

Saw Ultimate Avengers, it was pretty good! And then I saw a really funny Dark Horse movie called Monarch on the Moon or something like that starring a hero named Yellow jacket. It was hysterical!

Man, there are too many things to do at this convention, it is freaking HUGE and tomorrow is going to be ridunkulous! They need to have this every year! I darn near spent all my money buying the Parasite manga 10-12 that I was missing for cheap, Samurai Champloo Episodes, the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck comics that I’ve been looking for some time now, a Full Metal Alchemist art book (even sketches of the characters from the first video game’s characters inside), lots of Underground comics, artist’s sketch books and I picked up some neat CFJ mini busts too, I will definitly be broke come monday, I will be at my job’s petty cash office first thing in the morning ha ha!

Can not wait to see Robotech Shadow Chronicles tomorrow!

It sure was nice attaching SRK names to faces today! :smile:

Wow the con was awesome! Finally great to meet you Mr. Erok Ko. Man you guys seemed so busy I didn’t want to bother you guys. I’ll try to go and get a sketch from Alvin tomorrow maybe and buy that little book.

Great job so far. You guys are keeping the fans happy. I really wanted to sketch with you guys, but I see the fans were hounding the table. haha.