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Got an Ingrid sketch today from Dogan! The story Udoneko told me about Ingrid was funny. About the Arcadia Ryu/Ingird cover I bought in so Omar Dogan could use it for reference, he told me that while Tsang was drawing it Ingrid’s creator Ishizawa kept rejecting it until it got approval, telling them they had to make Ingrid look “Cute and sexy.” And Studio Udon was like what the heck does that mean? :rofl: Not 100% sure if I’ll go tomorrow, we’ll see… scans/images coming soon!

Day 2 was bananas. Trying to get the special tickets for Kevin Smith, McFarlane and Jim Lee was nuts, line was way too long for my tastes. After the Ingrid sketch I went out to see Robotech Shadow Chroniciles, they didn’t actually give the movie like I thought but they showed us lots of footage, trailers, discussed Robotech’s history and the making of the show, answered lots of qustions about the show and gave out old Robotech New Generation Comics with animation cells(Copies), I got one of Rick Hunter from Macross! After I left the line to get back into the exhibition room was too long, so I just hung out for more sessions. Saw Marvel’s panel on their Civil War storyline, read Hellsing volume 3 for free at the manga library, caught the very end of a discussion about Korean comics. I saw Mila Jovovich speak in the Special Events room too, and Jim Lee passed me by and said hello really quick ha ha! Got some more underground comics, CFJ mini busts (got them all now!) two stacks of free cards from Sabretooth games, one of Soul Calibur and another of SF for free, and thanks again to Dragonthebomb for telling me about the free P card Epic Battles was handing out! Very suprised to see 2 SNK KOF games available to play on the Xbox at the top floor too!

Went to the Anime Exodus party to see Mari Iijima perform(Minmei). Not too many people came out to the event, maybe about 20/30 people but we still danced the night away. To my suprise I ran into another Capcom fan Mike who worked for Big Apple Anime Fest. He told me that Big Apple Anime Fest was over because the main lady who ran the show in 2001-2002 left, and 2003 was a disaster because in 2002 the big premiere was the Cowboy Bebop movie, and in 2003 the big premeire was the Initial D Movie which no one cared about. But right now it’s a money thing to get it back again, so for the most part it’s dead. Too bad, they where able to get Capcom to come to NY before, sadly I only attended Anime Fest in 2003 (doing other things in 2001 and 2002 while it was going on) when they where not there. Oh well what can you do.

One more day!

Glad to hear you were able to get in.
Reports all over the interweb about how thousands of people were literally left out in the cold.

day 3: was pretty much the same as day 2. Picked up a Batman page from Albert Moy.

I got to talk to Clarence lim for a while since I didn’t catch him there yesterday.

Got a Guy sketch from Alvin Lee this time around. Very cool. Too bad he couldn’t draw in my sketchbook since I wanted to keep the sketch on better paper. Overall very short and fun day.

Are you guys gonna post your Sketches from the artists like you did last con for us poor folks on the other side of the globe to have a geez at?

Pretty please!

Yeah cp, I will scan the Alvin sketch soon. Erik i wanted to show you some of these at the con, but i didn’t get a chance to since you guys were so busy and sketching for the whole crowd.

I would like to say what’s up Clarence and Erik for showing up to the con. I had a great time and I hope you guys come out next year.



Goody goody goody!!!

Cheers SFMC!

:clap: :clap: :clap:

These Sketches are insane! I guess I’ll see em’ colored for the challenge! The chunners is my fav

Hey-no fair! I want to buy the Alvin Lee Prtfolio package but I’m in London! Erik-please telly me you’ll be selling this on ClubUdon/Herofix!!

I’ll throw my sketches up tomorrow. Have to give blood today so I’ll be exhausted. I’ll throw up a bunch of pictures I took of cosplayers too later on.

Hello SFMC! Yeah it was a pleasure meeting you too!
Same goes to Sano and everyone else who supported us.
Sano… you’re crazy! It was nice of you to chill at our
booth for HOURS! Now THATS Devotion. haha!

We will be putting up some sketches onto the Club for purchase
very shortly. We’re just getting the remaining pages of
Club UDON online. So check it out in a couple of days.

I will be posting some con photos on the club as well.
Who knows, maybe some of you may be on it!

The winner has been decided for the first SFD contest.
We are planning our second.
Don’t forget to sign up at www.sfdforum.com to talk with
some of the other artists and Street Fighter related staff.
Go join SFD Forum now!

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Oh yeah, Sunday all I did was get Zub to sign Exalted #1 and attend the Jim Lee and Neal Adams panel and that was it. Great convention! The last time we had a comic book convention in Jacob Javits was more than ten years ago, to give you a time frame, it was around when Cyclops and Jean Grey got married and Gambit’s first limited series (Lee Weeks) was out, the very first 2 issues of X-Men Unlimited (first series) just came out. I hope this show becomes an annual thing.

I got to meet the Udon staff on Friday, and Alvin did a Cammy sketch for me. I was SOOOOOO happy! Udon staff is mad cool! Definately wanna give thanks to everyone I met @ the Udon booth, especially Ken, Alvin, Omar, and Clarence most of all for giving me the heads up on the SFD forums. I’ll be hitting that site up soon!

Yeah Zub was excited to jump at the chance to sign some of my Exalted comics and my brother was talking to omar about how much they hate vega(claw):wgrin: I wanted to some more sKetches but someone at the con abuse the sketch ticket:mad: (10 people on 1 sketch ticket) and now you had one and only one sketch per book. I also ask what was the deal about Rivalschools,and Udoneko said that reyyy was sick during the holidays and they had to delay it one last time. He said it should be out by the end of march. If the Udon crew come to the east side next year, i’ll be more ready with the support.:pray:

gonna have ta post sketches later though:wgrin:

Jeez…Day 2 was a freakin Zoo…I managed to run into Bendis in a hallway randomly…and I barely missed the Frank Miller signing…but I managed to see Jim Lee for his morning signing…and I met the creators of Ninja Turtles…crazy day…I was too tired for a third day…

My sketches -

Ryu from Alvin Lee:

Chun-Li from Omar Dogan:

Ingrid from Omar Dogan:

sigh I envy you guys and your bitchin’ sketches. I miss the Udon crew something awful. :sad:

NYCC was definitly great, had a blast there. Man am I happy with my sketches :), I’ll post them up later in the day though.

NY comic con was a blast… UDON had a crowd around them around the clock! and i have to applaud the udon crew for working that whole time… they wre all cool and even though the exhaustion was showing, it didn’t show in their art because they were cranking out top notch sketches the whole time…

I spent a lot of Friday at the UDON booth… i couldn’t stay long because i had the jim lee signing that night… I tried to steer clear from the booth Sat and Sunday because they were so busy… but when i did stop by to pick up some merch and get a sketch for my girl, they wre really cool…

Alvin did an amazing ryu sketch and was really nice… Omar was hard working, really cool guy who is a Ranma fan (WHAT WHAT!?) and did a quarter page Makoto for me and a full page Chun Li for my girl… Ken was also around, i was able to get a few questions in, so that was cool…

i also got the ryu/sagat summer preview comic signed by ken, alvin and omar… erik Ko was busy running around and networking,… I got to meet SF Devotion too, he was holding it down…

sorry if i missed the other guys, i think joe vrien (sp?) was there, but like i said, i didn’t hang out that much on sat and sunday… i was upset that i missed kevin lau… i’m a big xin fan and wanted to talk to him and omar about it… ah well, there’s always next year :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I do wish i had more cash, then i woulda picked up the magna carta art book (if you’re into rpgs and korean art, GET this game and book) and the eternal challenge hard cover for the super low convention price, but i ended up getting some of the variant 0 issues, the raw set, a ton of power foils and the alvin lee print set instead and completeing my collection… beswides, i have the soft cover eternal challenge…

I got to meet Sano for a little bit too… he brought some Udon relics which made the crew happy…

overall the convention was great, except for the people who couldn’t get in on saturday… sorry… i waited an hour and half to get on the floor myself…

thanks Udon for coming to NY and hopefully we’ll get to see you next year!

**Alvin sketch of Guile

Alvin Sketch of Chun-Li (yes she is in a swimsuit :P) I had to get an original of her :slight_smile:

Omar Sketch of Akuma

Alvin Sketch of Ryu and Omar Sketch of Ken (these were for my bro btw)

All these were definitely worth my money…even though I am broke now :P. Btw thanx for coming Udon, It was great meating you guys, Udon definitly made me one happy man, hopefully you guys come by next year if there will be a NY Comic con next year, and I’ll be sure to bring more money this time :), thanx again guys**

Pictures I took at the con. First up is Batman made entirely of legos!


And the rest are pics of cosplayers at the show, enjoy!