UDON's SF fanart contest

I don’t think word has gotten out about this yet. In case anyone missed it or doesn’t read the SF comic, here’s a copy of the text from SF #2:


Calling all fan artists! UDON is looking for your unique interpretations of everyone’s favorite World Warriors! To kick things off, we’re looking for art with the theme “Boys Vs. Girls.” The fan artist who best shows us their favorite male and female Street Fighters duking it out will win a complete set of every Street Fighter #1 variant signed by the creative team as well as a personalized sketch by Alvin Lee of the SF character of your choice!..

Send in all your pieces of fan art and mail to fans@streetfightercomics.com and we all look forward to hearing from you and being blown away by your art!*

Any questions about the contest should probably go in the thread in the comics forum. Obviously, keep it clean. I hope to see some good stuff when issue #4 hits the stands.

Yeah this will be cool. I read it on back of issue 2 and passed it on to a few others about this. I’m sure everyone wants the sketch by alvin.

Whoa, sweet contest! I’m guessing that they’re looking for Street Fighter II characters only.

Cool! I’m going to enter! Maybe this contest will be fair, unlike the CAPCOM Art Contest at capcom.com.
I bet Goukigirl’s going to win!:slight_smile:

thanks Gojira for the heads-up.
whoever’s gonna do something, stick it up here too. it’ll be fun :slight_smile:

Oh no SFMC can use his Chunli vs Birdie! Ahh!!

Well I think I’ll enter too. I don’t know why you assume only SF2 characters only Rush… if that’s the case… then, well… we only have chunli/cammy for the girls part. Which is kinda boring.

Can’t wait to see your guys’ entries.:smiley:

Hmmm I wonder when’s the dateline…

dont count out SFMC, that Birdie Vs Chun Li picture was the shit

I didn’t see it. But yeah, he’s one of SRK’s best( & Nicest) Artists:)

dude sfmc’s entry wasnt that good. it was the best out of 5 people so that doesnt say much. but i have to admit theres no one here to compete against him.

Im gonna do something for this

Well, I suppose I could be wrong but the comic book seems to only feature characters from Super Street Fighter II (Turbo & X). Of course, I haven’t read the rules so what do I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

i JUST got issue # 1 today!!! geez, where can i find the rest. yah i wish i could enter and win. by its true what sweet says, most of us here suck in comparison.

Dude, you should enter.

You are wrong, Birdie’s already been in the comic book so there’s no way he’ll be excluded from this contest.

Is Makoto vs. Ken ok?

any SF male vs any SF female should be fine… don’t overanalyze it :slight_smile:

as for the comic, it only showcases characters up to SF2 for now. this is because the SF3 arc hasn’t started yet. Don’t limit yourselves to just Chunners & Cammy :slight_smile:

Yeah guys, it’s not like you have to make up a reason for why you’re putting whoever’s in the picture. All they have to do is be characters that have appeared in a SF game. Hell you could have Zekuu and Rose in there or something.

I drew a Chun-Li vs. Twelve X.C.O.P.Y.ing Ryu drawing! Now I just gotta track down my friend with the scanner…

Nothing in the rules says anything about excluding SF3 or SFA Characters, so anything goes! Good luck to all!

Here’s my drawing! Special thanks to my friend Ivan for helping me Post it here at SRK! I don’t know jack about Macs!

HI! Nice to see you around again:)

So whens this contest end??? I might just ‘go for broke’ on this issh.:smiley:

SFMC - I think its time to take it up a notch.:wink: