Udons suprise revealed

any guesses?

i pray to god it’s some kind of animated thing…i’m hoping…they said it took longer than they thought…animation can take a long time…maybe?

there’s the new game comming out, but i can’t see something to get too excited about there…yeah if they did the cover it would be cool…but not months of hype cool…

a whole joe mad issue??..months of delay…sounds like joe mads mo!!! lol…3 issues of battlechasers in a year…come the fuck on!!!

i hope i hope i hope i hope i hope…it’s a fancy hard cover art book w/ sketches, posters, covers…loose pencils, concept art, basically the udon sketch book


Misleading thread title :frowning:

But while I’m already here, I think your idea about maybe it being a collection of Street Fighter art would be really cool. Don’t know if I could afford it, as hard covered art books tend to be expensive, but very cool nonetheless. I’m hoping we’ll find out soon, is all.


I dunno

I hope it’s something involving a Street Fighter 4.

This “secret surprise” thing is building up too much hype. I have a feeling I’ll be disappointed when it is finally revealed.:frowning:

I second that.

I think the secret is that street fighter controller.Ive already seen how it looks.Since in the street fighter controller website they said the secret will be reaveled i think its the controller.

I too agree that I was truely excited to see what this suprise was going to be since all the hype surrounding it until it turns out to be SF controllers. I dont mind them, but I aint gonna buy one for I dont like the layout of the controller. The buttons and joypad wont help me when Im playing SF3rdstrike this year. Sony’s PS2 controller still owns all console controllers even to this day. Maybe if the controller has a good price tag on it then I reconsider purchising one just cause its Street Fighter. Then again i was hoping for something really great, something that would truley excite me, but then again it let me down:(

I hope its a hooker

Erik Ko already told that this big surprise is not a SF controller. The big surprise is most likely SF comics sketch book or may be as it was previously hinted is All About Capcom on English, or some thing like that.

The secret was already out which was rival schools and ds. Or was that not it.

No for the big secret was Arnold Tsang playing Ryu in the new Streetfighter movie. Jo chen is gonna play as Chun li. I got the inside scoop so this might be true.

That’s awesome. And here I thought I was the only one who knew!

Who would play Guile? I have heard different things concerning the movie.One,Van Damme would come back with the other homo cast for a direct sequel.The other one I heard(which I hope is true), is that they are totally redoing it as if that horrible disaster of a movie never existed. New casts,story more to follow the games(or who knows,udons story from the comics) and more serious than cheesey.I hope that is the case.A really good street fighter live action movie would be hard to do,but not impossible.

These days I think it could be done though. Just follow the sort of direction and special effects of something along the lines of Volcano High.

Live action Street Fighter could be done, but it needs to be done over from scratch.

Co-sign. All About Capcom in english, huh? Man, that would be soooo sweet.

isn’t the secret that udon been keeping from us are the controllers? Because on one of their website they already revealed what was the secret. I believe they’ll be releasing controllers of different characters. To me thats kinda disapointing. i thought its going to be something to be excited about. I dont think it will do well because that what funimation did with dragonball z and it didnt do well.


Yeah, but udoneko openly stated that the surprise ISN’T the controllers, dude. Besides, that would be lame. udoneko says they’ve been working on the surprise for longer than they’ve expected.

But seriously…when will they reveal the surprise? It’s already behind schedule.

The controllers are starting to look pretty cool. The website says it will release the Akuma controller first. Any hint on when the Ryu one will be released? I figure if these things are $20 or under, I’ll at least get the Akuma one. If I like, I’ll get my bro the Ryu one.

You guys say the company making these controllers have a bad history?


Well, it is from Nuby…not the greatest track record…sorta looks like a Saturn Pad/Ascii Fighting Pad combined…might be ok.