Udon's up coming Toronto appearances - meet the crew!

April 24th - Hobbystar Toronto Comicon - Metro Toronto Convention Centre

April 29th- May 1st - Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon - National Trade Center, Hall F, Exhibition Place

Exclusive cover variant of SF#14?!! And free sketches?!!!? Anyone planning on going to the Hobbystar Toronto ComicCon? If so, please PM me!

Cries Anyone who is going wanna pick me up a copy of the variant cover? :frowning:


i think im definetly going…i havent met alvin lee yet. he wasnt there last year at the national comic expo on one of the days i went.

i got a invitation through the mail and i dont even remeber giving out my adress…freaky

but yea i dont see what the big deal about the variant is…isnt it just the rey cover that everyone can buy in stores? so why r u guys so hyped? i figure i get some sketches and the ally poster and get some stuff signed. should be sweet if only i wasnt going alone… ahhahaha

Details -

For the Hobbystar con:

We made a special limited Sketch Pad cover (like the back of the Summer Special) of SF 14 for this con. For every 25 bucks you spend at the booth, u will get a copy of the book and a sketch by any of the UDON guys (I assume Arn & Alvin will be the busiest ones!).

Products available -
All back issues of DS & SF(except SF 2 foils coz that I am totally out), Summer Specials, SF Trades Vol 1, the 2 posters (all star #1 cover, and the wide Street Jam poster), and possibly I will bring some Chun Li (Blue and Pink)and Bison (Red or Green) busts. Other products that is tentative is some limited edition lithographs, and the 2 door posters (if we can get them printed and shipped soon enough!

For Paradise Con -
On top of the standard products above, THE SHOW will be selling an exclusive DS#5, which has the same Morrigan on the door poster gracing the cover. This book will be sold at the entrance of the show, NOT at our table.

Creators to attend:

Ken Siu-Chong (writer), Alvin Lee, Arnold Tsang, Joe Vriens, Omar Dogan, Scott Hepburn, Andrew Hou, Christine Choi, Gary Yeung, etc. And I am trying to also get Joe Ng (TF artist now working with UDON), and Alan Wang (DS5 Bishamon story, as well as artist of DW’s Maximo) there too.

And of coz, I shall be there…

Great, they’re just gonna make all the other artists feel bad.

Hey Erik, I remember earlier you had mentioned you didn’t think the crew would make this year’s Wizard World Chicago Con? Is this still the case? because I need to catch up on some SF issues and get that Street Jam poster. I also haven’t met Arnold or Jo Chen yet. Anyway, I won’t be going if you guys aren’t there as that was the only reason why I went last year.


by looking at things, we will not be going to Chicago this year.


r we allowed to use the $10 voucher at the udon booth if we buy passes at the door?

Anyone looking to meet Alvin Lee should go to one of these events. He currently lives in Thailand and is only visiting for a few weeks, so it’s not likely that he’ll be attending other cons. I recommend going to the PARADISE one. Although it’s a bit more expensive, they’ve got the exclusive DS#5 cover, and WAY more guests INCLUDING BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS!..plus, I’m affiliated with them so I’m kinda biased heheh.

No one else wants to go? There’s gotta be more people than this who are in and around the T-dot!

Ehh, a Mississaugan? If you go, think you could pick me up Issue #1?

Yes. You can.

The vairant of SF 14 for tyhe hobbystar con, is actually not the rey cover. That one is the regular SF 14A cover. The Fan Appreciation edition is something similar to the back of the summer special, which is blank so that we can do sketches on it.

How do I get to Paradise Comics Toronto Comicon - National Trade Center, Hall F, Exhibition Place

Its at the CNE.

didn’t get a chance to go today and might go tomolo. How exactly do I bus to the CNE, I usually get a ride there but yea.


Go and click location and they have the directions.