UFC 2009 Undisputed Tournament Greenville SC May 19 7pm


Since this is the newest fighting game comming out we need a tournament for it.

This is going to be at the Lan Center LFG

go here for Directions
or here

UFC tournament
Tuesday May 19th 7pm
Cost $5

Rules:Best 2 out 3 matches, 3 round match, 5 minute round time limit, Double Elimination. Winning Player must keep same character.

Winning Player gets a copy of the Game or a free month of unlimited play to lfg.
2nd place gets 10 free hours at LFG
3rd place gets 5 free hours at LFG

But here is the best part
Since this is running on Tuesday and we already have the Tuesday Night Fight Nights going on if you pay the 5 dollars you get to play Any fighting game(SF4, ST, SC4, UFC, ect.) the rest of the night for free. Not bad for $5 bucks.

Call 864-234-0229 to preregister