UFC 3 . the most realistic, deepest and hardcore fighting game series reaches greater heights!


Aha! So UFC3 shows the genre how to move up, instead of down and sideways! UFC 3 really puts to shame all those half hearted 2.5D and 3D arcade fighters that been coming out.

UFC 3 is revolutionizing the genre in greater heights and greatest graphics and mechanics ever!! no cheesy combo rollercoasters!
it’s an adult fighting game for adults!! ^.^ true strategy and skill!


Looks photo-realistic in screenshots and terrible in motion.


If Conor defends his belt in the game, it’s not realistic.


Lol shitfinity can’t do combo’s. Why are you even here scrub???


Word. UFC3 is better than these abominations right?

UFC3 is a fighting game for adults right? Unlike that joke of a game Xenoverse 2.


The characters look like plastic and move like shitty dolls.


…Hate giving posts to the thing that made this topic, but…



Major problem with “sim” sports titles including Pro-Wrestling is that so much of a titles financial resources are used for “Create-A-Character” and “career mode” that the core mechanics are never improved on.


You know your title is a completely false right?
The last fight night still plays better than the last Ea Ufc game.


Watch that while listening to Cotton Eye Joe. Awesome.


Why’s this guy still allowed to make threads?


because she’s a girl and a neogaf reject


I’ve said this a million times and I will forever stand by this statement. The best MMA game is UFC 2009 Undisputed. All they had to do was keep some of the bob and weave mechanics of 2010 and it would have been perfect. Until a game can replicate that experience, I’ll forever be sad by what COULD have been.


Planned on buying this game, but now that Assfinity made a thread on it I guess I’ll have to pass. Darn. :frowning:


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@Bomberman3000 I came back just to post that gif lol

Guess we will have to settle for these.



**Beardo Weirdo bonus content for all you dlc lovers that will be playing this game forever!!


That is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen. Brought a tear to my eye from sheer laughter.


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