Do you ever ready up?


I’m da bess




Sit there if he ever readies up.
(Its not worth playing him)
Fight the power.


They really should just kick out idlers. It’s like he got on Ranked and decided to kill himself with his 360 on forever.


I really hope they add something simple in the patch like, if you’ve been searching for an hour and haven’t played a match, it backs you out.

But IG is probably too busy fucking up Darkstalkers to care about stuff like that.


Well if it makes you feel any better if you have a console (especially an Xbox) on for 24/7 can cause it to burst into flames and start a bad fire. That’s karma for ya’.


I fought him once. He plays a scrubby Ken so your not missing out on much.


Is he the new John Pwns?


I really do hope his xbox burns his house down one day…


The worst part is that because of how XBL works, you have to play him before you can chose to avoid him. I get so tired of seeing his ass on ranked.

Hope his house burns down.


20000 fundraiser for UFCGYM


What the fuck this guy is doing of his days?


Yesterday, I ran into ufcgym and decided to see how long it would take for him to ready up. I went to take a shower, had lunch, did my laundry…and he was still there! :frowning:

Well done UFC…well done. Indeed, a formidable opponent.


Biggest troll in SF3OE for sure. kudos? i dont know anymore…


I don’t know, man. There are some pretty big active trolls that idle just as hard as he does.


its funny cause i posted about this user a year ago and everyone thought i was trolling and somehow he still stays in matchmaking.


Ufcgym realized he would never be good at the real game so has created a game within the game,
and he’s winning.


What if ufcgym were an actual setup at some UFC-based gym that runs 24/7, and the only time it gets play is when someone actually walks up and tries to play? @.@


Oh, I’ve heard of those. There’s a barber shop with an ST machien that they’ve hooked up to the internet.