UFC Sudden Impact (OMG old!)

…anyone used to play this game? The RPS fighting engine is pretty spiffy, and hella’ deep.

Anyone remember tiers for the actual fighters or the Fighting Style tiers?

I just picked it up just a few days ago, since I enjoyed the DC versions.

…it’s also a nice way to pass the time to get ready for UFC 2009. :woot:

Frank Shamrock and Tito Ortiz were tops followed by Gary Goodridge and Tsuyoshi Kasaka.

isnt this the shitty ufc game? also how did a premium member get full neg lol.

I thought he was talking about the DC games and this rep came from being singled out because I was murdering some lames in a certain thread and they got some prems to go off on my rep.

Rep doesn’t really mean shit to me though.

no, I’m talking about the PS2 game, which plays similar to the DC games, only a tad more refined.

at the time, the simplistic gameplay masked a pretty deep engine.

sure, you could wail on the buttons like a scrub, but like Virtua Fighter, seeing two experts play was really almost like artistic. it was really strategic.

Sudden Impact has these Create-a-Fighter styles…OMG Sumo has this flurry of punches from the top (like LP, RP * 4); scary shit, but punch counterable all the same…some of the hybrid styles are lame, like the H.S.Factory (Submissions).

I’m having fun just creating fighters now.

I also agree that Ortiz and Shamrock are really good, with their thorough movesets.

Does this one pro wrestling as a style like the DC one?

yeah it has pro wrestling and regular olympic-style wrestling.

pro wrestling’s pretty buff in this game as a style.