Ufos cornfield

Im not wasting anymore time chasing cowards like jeff,tomo and mike watson ,I bring you good news the aliens are coming THE RETURN 2012 [media=youtube]_KoR2t-iM9k[/media]

OBAMA the people are ready to let go of fairy tale RELIGON You wont be able to stop the ufos when they land and advance civilazation better fess up the truth NOW [media=youtube]_KoR2t-iM9k[/media]

I invte WA prodigy and CIGARBOB to a cornfield celebration in coming weeks ILL make a video UNVIELING THE LEGENDARY Chttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_KoR2t-iM9kORNFIELD

I will be unveiling the CORNFIELD very soon,OBAMA the militarys weapons and HAARP are useless the aliens will shut them down better FESS UP now [media=youtube]_KoR2t-iM9k[/media]