UFSFC 2! Abingdon Virginia- BB, SFIV, MTG (also catch a screening of UFC 102) 8/29/09

Sorry again for the short notice, this was kind of a last minute thing.

UFSFC 2 is this weekend, Aug 29th. Stop in to G2K Games for plenty of games and then a screening of UFC 102 at the Abingdon cinemall.

When and where?

August 29th, 2009 - For specific times see tournament details below.

G2K Games store hours 10am - 10pm
inside the Abingdon Cinemall
721 East Main Street
Abingdon, VA 24210

Games, entry fees and times

Magic the Gathering 12pm - $5 entry

BlazBlue - Xbox 360 version 3pm - $5 entry

Street Fighter IV - XBox 360 version - 5pm - $5

UFC 100 - 10pm - tickets 11.99. This is being screened in the Abingdon Cinemall, which is in the same building as G2K.

If time permits we may do a random select tourney for $1 entry, or a king of the mountain style competition.

Important, tournament payout is given in the form of G2K store credit. Just to make everyone aware.

Game rules

Magic the Gathering - Extended format, winner gets 100% of entry fees. For extended details and rules please call G2K at the number listed below.

BlazBlue and Street Fighter IV - These events will be played using the XBox 360 version of the game. Prize payout will be 70%, 20%, 10% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Best 2 out of 3, finals best 3 out of 5. A match consists of best 2 out of 3 default 2 round matches.

Bring your own controller.

At the beginning of the first round you may pause to change your controls. Any pausing after that or accidental pausing will result in a forfeit of your match.

Winner must keep the same character between matches but is allowed to change colors/costumes as they see fit.

Phone numbers and links

G2K Games - 276-676-4263
Abingdon Cinemall - General info - 276-623-2121
Business office - 276-623-2166


Bad timing :sad: c3 is going on in northern VA this weekend and I think Jamie, Ryan H and I are all 3 going. I know I am, and I’m pretty sure about the other two.

Yeah I know, at first we weren’t having a tournament because I knew C3 was coming up, but G2K has been talking about doing BB so I volunteered to run that and SFIV.

I’m gonna go ahead and pick a date for September and stick with it so we’ll have a month in advance to plan it, so stay tuned for that.

Good luck at C3, wish I could tag along but maybe next year. Final round is definite for sure.

Next year? c3’s are monthly tournaments. I hope your date in Sept is either the 12th or 26th. Those would be some really convenient days.

I had Final round on the brain, but the way I’ve got things lined up for the rest of the year it probably will be next year before I can head to C3.

The 26th will likely be the date since we try to do it the last saturday in the month. I’ll let you know for certain though.

If it is the 26th, I’ll be there. How was the turnout for this one? Did you win Sf4?