UFSFC Abingdon Virginia - SFIV 7/11/09 results


UFSFC (Ultimate Fighting Street Fighter Championship)

Tournament Results

Street Fighter IV

1st - Ryan Blevins “PapaRyu” (Ryu, Chun li)
2nd - Robbie Campbell “Rush Ex” (Sagat, Gen, E. Honda)
3rd - Ryan Hamilton “Iamwin” (Balrog, Seth)

We had a pretty good turnout (16) and a lot of fun. The casuals afterwards and the UFC fight later on was the icing on the cake :cool:

Next month we’ll try to make a day of it and have BlazBlue, SFIV, and KOF12. This will probably correspond to the next UFC fight. We’ll announce a date for sure in the tournaments and events section when we know for sure.

Very special thanks to Ryan Hamilton and Jamie “IEatBamboo” Smith for providing a PS3 and 2 additional TE sticks for the event.

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No prob bro, I had a good time.
ggs Robo, and Ryu B.
I cant wait for the next tourney.