UFSFC III! Abingdon Virginia- MvC2, BB, SFIV 9/26/09

We are pleased to announce our 3rd monthly event. Details below.

When and where?

September 26th, 2009 - For specific times see tournament details below.

G2K Games store hours 10am - 10pm
inside the Abingdon Cinemall
721 East Main Street
Abingdon, VA 24210

Games, entry fees and times

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Xbox 360 version - 2:30pm (may start a tad later) - $5 entry

BlazBlue - Xbox 360 version 5pm - $5 entry

Street Fighter IV - XBox 360 version - 7pm - $5 entry

If time permits we may do a random select tourney for $1 entry, or a king of the mountain style competition.

Important, tournament payout is given in the form of G2K store credit. Just to make everyone aware.

Game rules

These events will be played using the XBox 360 version of the game. Prize payout will be 70%, 20%, 10% for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Best 2 out of 3, final match best 3 out of 5. A match consists of best 2 out of 3 default 2 round matches.

Bring your own controller. We should have TE sticks and a Fightpad available, but you’re better off bringing your own just in case.

At the beginning of the first round you may pause to change your controls. Any pausing after that or accidental pausing will result in a forfeit of your match.

Winner must keep the same character between matches but is allowed to change colors/costumes as they see fit. MvC2 winners must keep the same team for their winning rounds but may change character order and colors as they see fit.

Phone numbers and links

G2K Games - 276-676-4263

Finally, one that I will be able to make.

I’ll be there :tup:

Glad to hear you guys can make it. I hope we can get a pretty good local turn out too. I’m getting ready to call the store to see if they’ve been hyping the event like they said they would.

I know store credit sucks, but it’ll be fun playing you guys again none the less. I’m gonna talk to the manager and see if they would accept a venue fee in the future and allow us to do cash payout.

WHAT!?! NO TMNT TOURNAMENT FIGHTERS?!?!?! Nah just fucking around lol, I’ll be there, concidering I live like 5 minutes away from the place, if anyone wants to come and chill at my place the night before just let me know.

Please be aware of new scheduling for the tournaments. See first post for details.