UFSFC III Results 9/26/2009

UFSFC III was a blast. Intense matches all around, seems like we scared all of the Abingdon players from before away :rofl:. Results and match videos below:


1st Donnie (ICEMAN)
2nd Ryan H (IamWin)
3rd Robbie (Rush Ex)


1st Michael (VR-Raiden)
2nd Donnie (ICEMAN)
3rd Justin (Doomspell)

Street Fighter IV:

1st Donnie (ICEMAN)
2nd Ryan H (IamWin)
3rd Ryan B (PapaRyu)

Videos at the channel below:

http://www.youtube.com/user/vashoutlaw85 (SFIV is all we have now, BlazBlue and MvC2 matches to be uploaded later).

Special thanks to Jamie Smith (IeatBamboo) and Ryan Hamilton (IamWin) for providing PS3’s and TE Sticks. Adam Blevins (Smokes) for the extra HDTV. Thanks to G2K Games for providing the venue and main HDTV.

Thanks again to all the players for bringing their best and raising the bar again in SWVA. Look for another event to happen some time in November.

GGs everyone I played in BB tourny and casuals, had fun.
Hopefully I’ll be on stick for my tournament matches next time :sweat: