UGC Vandalism


Last night around 1230 two punks were walking past Ultimate Gaming Center and decided to shatter the main window and the glass door window. We have footage of the act but that isn’t gonna help replace the windows. The owner Roy is a real cool person who is very welcoming to everybody and anybody that comes into his venue. its going to cost about $2500 to replace both windows. To anyone that can help donate Roy and myself would be very greatful. This is like a second home to me as well to many others and I take it very personal when scumbags do something to a great place like this. Here is a Link for anybody that can help, it also has the footage and pictures of the shady act Ive been in this community a very long time and I know that SRK and the FGC crew stick together. Thank you again for your support and I will keep updates with the repairs

UGC vandalism

Wrong forum.


Sorry, I wasn’t really sure what forum to post this in, I just really want to help out the owner


You might wanna try the fighting game section or even your local area section to get the most posts.

Also wtf you THE rom? I thought you disappeared.


Thanks for the tip, I mainly play sf4 now, haven’t been to a major since evo 2K10


D4ad3ye (?) is ROM.


@Romfinite it does say Van / Dal / SIM

which means people might think its about

And ROM is short for Rommel

and you could say AFRO + ROM to avoid the “did Rom create ROM in MVC2?”

and leave him alone!

Best of luck


So the scumbag insurance company denied the claim, so now it’s fully out of pocket