"Uggh...Is there ANYTHING good on TV?" Ibuki Video Thread *Xian FR20 Videos*

Videos that aren’t too boring here.


We got 2 bombs, one for the cancel and one for the juggle


i just saw this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iko9bnR_wjU

Hi cammy players who are switching to ibuki.
Here are some day 1 matches of Momochi playing Ibuki online


Happy viewing.


demonstrating some okizeme ideas, maybe you’ll find it usefull

we dont need videos

we want the inputs and not the videos


Just saw this.

That’s why she got delayed man, to fix all’em bugs.

Next time use a 3 frame wake up jab. [s]Try throwing your opponent who wakes up with a 3frame jab after back roll. It ain’t happening.

Which is why I would use her up-kicks as an ender, instead of raida. It has less pushback and you can get close enough even if they back roll.[/s]

Raida is stronger knockdown IMO due to the fact that it is technically a grab, therefore the opponent cannot backroll, so you only have to worry about neutral tech and no tech.

I do agree that the setups should be vs a 3 frame jab instead of 4 frame.

I forgot it’s considered a throw and that you can’t back rise.

But again, throwing someone with a 3 frame wake up is extremely hard. Basically, you can instantly throw after dash and it will grab them only IF they woke up with a button (grab box is extended). However if they just wake up block, you have to walk forward slightly to grab them (which will otherwise get you counter hit if they wake up with jab).

You basically have to guess.

That is true but the video was less about showing you can grab and more about showing what you can do after the grabs. Would love to see more okizeme ideas because nobody really seem to know how to efficiently put pressure with Ibuki.

A couple ranked and casual matches. I’ll probably record some Sako matches too.



This is not always true. Some characters you can instantly throw like Chun or Ryu.

Sako makes Ibuki look so good. Such patient footsies.


Sako starting to get around. He doesn’t have a lot of scummy setups yet, but he’s figuring out which buttons work for sure.

Sonicfox seems to be the opposite. He didn’t have too many buttons ready for Rog, but he makes it count when he lands one.



Great tutorial just got posted

Thats a pretty good tutorial. Goes over all the basic combo enders. I believe you should always find a way to bnb into sweep target unless you’re close enough for raida or habe meter for ex kunai. The meaty pressure and corner carry off sweep target is much better and meterless.